Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Walkthrough

"Burden of Command" is a late-game errand quest that you can complete for additional rewards in Horizon Forbidden West. Here,...

“Burden of Command” is a late-game errand quest that you can complete for additional rewards in Horizon Forbidden West.

Here, Aloy will be asked to find a child who has gone missing and bring him home safely. The following walkthrough will ensure that you locate the missing child as quickly as possible.

How To Unlock Burden Of Command

You can pick up the Burden of Command errand quest from either Yarra or Drakka at Scalding Spear. The quest-giver will be determined by your previous choices in the Gate of the Vanquished where you had to either side with Yarra or Drakka.

Your choice in the matter does not matter because both Yarra and Drakka will give you the same errand quest with the same objectives.

How To Complete Burden Of Command

What starts out as a casual visit quickly turns serious when Yarra/Drakka realizes that a child has gone missing. Tenakth children normally wear a cord on them, so when Meat (Yarra’s bird) brings a cord with the child nowhere in sight, concerns are raised.

Aloy is naturally asked to help them. She will start by scanning the cord with her Focus to find a location from where the cord probably came.

After getting the tracks highlighted, you need to follow them. The tracks lead to a desert where you’ll see some wreckage. The baby lies inside it but can’t be taken out due to the machines.

A Thunderjaw will appear who must be put to rest. Thunderjaw falls into the category of Heavyweight Combat Machines and is not strong against Purgewater and Acid damage.

The best way to engage a Thunderjaw would be to be at higher ground and better cover. One such spot in the area is the wreckage. From there, you’ll be having a clear sight of all the components of the machine, and targeting its weak spots will be easier.

You need to be careful of the discs and Rapidfire Cannon and attack the machine at its back and sides. You’ll also be aided by Drakka if you’re too low during the fight. Right after defeating him, you need to get rid of a Stormbird which will appear shortly after.

Strombird is also a Heavyweight Combat Machine and is strong against Fire and Shock Damage. Its weakness lies in Acid and Plasma damage. To have a better chance of winning, aim for its Storm Cannon which can be quite a challenge as it is too quick to be airborne. Get the weaknesses to your advantage.

After getting done with both of the machines, get back to the child and give the child to Drakka. This will mark the end of this errand quest.

Burden Of Command Errand Quest Rewards

You will receive 6500 XP, 1 Skill Point, and 1 Tenakth Skirmisher Face Paint as your rewards for completing the errand quest.

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