Horizon Forbidden West: Side With Yarra Or Drakka?

In the Horizon Forbidden West during the Gate of the Vanquished quest, Aloy will be put into a situation where she has to choose between the Drakka and Yarra after getting caught into the Scalding Spear politics. This guide will tell you whether you should choose Yarra or Drakka in Horizon Forbidden West along with the outcome of each choice.

Horizon Forbidden West: Yarra Or Drakka

At the Gate of the Vanquished, when you talk to the Jetakka, he will tell you that he wants them to end the conflict without getting into trouble. After that, you will talk to both Yarra and Drakka in HFW and try to convince them.

Once you are done talking to them, you will be given three options:

  • Side with Yarra
  • Side with Drakka
  • You both need to stand down

Side with Yarra

If you side with Yarra, you have to battle Drakka and some of his allies alongside Yarra. Yarra will kill Drakka after the battle, and you will move forward with her.

Side with Drakka

Everything will be the same if you decide to side with the Drakka. You have to fight along Drakka, and he will kill Yarra and her allies in the end, and you will be moving forward along with Drakka.

Whoever wins the battle will become the Tenakth’s Desert Clan leader. In addition, you will receive the “Firestorm Warrior Bow” and “Choose the Desert Commander” trophy will be unlocked as well.

One more thing the one you choose is going to give you is an Errand after moving a little forward in the game.

After the conclusion, the one you have chosen will go back to the Scalding Spear and take charge. You will only be getting one more quest from either one you choose after the Gate of Vanquished.

Everything else in the game will be the same irrespective of who you choose.

You both need to stand down

If you try to be a peacemaker by selecting the option of you both need to stand down, it will resolve nothing. None of them cares about that as they have nothing to do with the peace.

No matter what you do, they will eventually get into battle. So it is better to select one.

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