Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Locations Guide

Black Boxes are yet more collectibles that you will come across while journeying in Horizon Forbidden West.

Black Boxes act as environmental puzzles. However, what makes them stand out from the rest of the collectibles in the game is that they don’t need to be collected as a whole to reward you with Trophies.

Each individual Black Box comes with its own trophy upon being collected. Therefore, you simply need to find one specific box to get rewarded with a Trophy associated with it, making them a useful item for your inventory

Black Boxes are recordings left by the Ancestors. There are a total of 12 different Black Boxes scattered all over the world of the Forbidden West and the Daunt, of which, most are able to be collected earlier on in the game but some require you to have some sort of tool to acquire them, which is unlocked later on in the game.

The following Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Locations guide will make sure to mark every single location of every Black Box and explain their uses as well.

Where Is Untalla In Horizon Forbidden West?

Once you have collected a Black Box in HFW, you must bring them to Untalla, who rewards you with valuables.


Untalla is a Tenakht woman who obsesses over Black Boxes. She’s a Black Box Collector and Merchant who offers Aloy the quest to collect them in The Broken Sky main quest, which is the seventh main quest in the game.

In exchange for the Black Boxes, Untalla offers you a variety of rare machine parts that you can use to craft different items.

To find Untalla, head over to the Memorial Grove, go inside through the main entrance, and make your way through the main hall to the end.

Additionally, even if you can collect Black Boxes before starting this quest, it is not recommended to. This is because once you talk to Untalla, Aloy will unlock the ability to pick up signals from the Black Boxes, which makes it a whole lot easier to find them.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Locations

There are a total of 12 Black Boxes in Horizon Forbidden West. As mentioned previously, some of the Black Boxes might not be accessible until you reach a certain point in the story.

This is because you won’t have the necessary items required to collect them, which are the Vine Cutter and the infinite breath, so it is recommended to complete the “See of Sands” and the “Seeds Of the Pasts Quests “, the 11th and 12th Quests of the game, before starting the hunt for the Black Boxes.

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Bleeding Mark Black Box

This is quite an easy Black Box to acquire. Head to the location marked on the map to find a wreckage.

You can scale the cliff or use a flier to get there, but using the flier should be easier. Force open the door to the wreckage to find the Black Box on the ground.

The Memorial Grove Black Box

To find this Black Box, head up the cliff marked on the map to locate the wreckage. At the southern end of the wreck you should find an opening high up. You can use your grapple to reach there and enter the wreck. The black box should be just up ahead from here.

The Promontory Black Box

To get your hand on this particular Black Box, you’ll need a Vine Cutter. Once you find the wreck at the location marked on the map, you need to move east to find the Battery Cell required to open the door on the ground, next to a bunch of broken parts.

Grab the Cell and head inside the wreckage to the right. Insert the Energy Cell to open the door to its left. Next, install the Vine Cutter Module on the metal flower after breaking it to open a path ahead where you’ll find the black box.

Bonewhite Tear Black Box

This particular Black Box is located on a cliff way at the edge of the map as shown in the image above. You can either climb up there or use a flier to get there, but using a flier is recommended.

Once you located the wreck, head over to the main door. This door requires a Battery Cell to open, which is just to the east of it near a campfire.

Grab the Battery Cell and take it down to the wreckage. Insert the Cell to open the door to the wreckage and head inside to find the black box.

Strand of the Sentinels Black Box

To reach the wreck on the mountain shown on the map above, you need to use a zipline, which is located just to the east of it next to a campfire. Additionally, you can also use a flier to get there.

Once you reach the wreck, the rest of the process is still the same, move the box obstructing your way and open up the door to reveal the Black Box inside.

The Whitewatch Peaks Black Box

Fly down the area to find rubble to the left. Pull it apart and find the black box beneath it.

This Black Box is located way up on the high peaks of the mountains, you can either climb up top or use a flier to get there. The Black Box here is concealed behind two boxes near the rubble. You need to use your pullcaster to move them out of the way and reveal the Black Box.

Isle of Spires Black Box

The Isle of Spires is a small island located way at the western edge of the world. The wreck here should be on top of the trees as marked on the map above. All you have to do here is just go to the head of the plane to find the Black Box on the ground outside.

The Raintrace Black Box

At the marked location on the map, you should be able to see the plane wrecked into two separate halves. Between them is a metal flower which you need to destroy using your weapon, then use the Vine Cutters to reveal a path leading to a Battery Cell.

Place the Battery Cell into the respective door in the second half of the wreck to open it. You should find the Black Box inside.

Jagged Deep Black Box

This Black Box is located in a wreck underwater, as shown on the map above. Swim to the bottom of the ocean to find wreckage, where you’ll have to open a door. Then, go through the door to find the black box behind it.

Remember that you need the infinite breath ability mentioned previously to hold your breath long enough to reach the Black Box, if not, then you can use a Diving Mask.

The Stillsands Black Box

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Locations

Head over to the marked location on the map. Break the metal flower ahead and insert the Vine Cutter Module to open a path behind it. This should reveal a path leading to the door of the wreckage.

Open the door and you’ll discover a big box inside that can’t be displaced by the pullcaster. Move the box manually by hand and it should reveal the Black Box behind it.

No Man’s Land Black Box

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Locations

Probably the easiest one to find, this Black Box is located in No Man’s Land, just south of the Plainsong area. Here, there is a cliff with a crashed plane on top, you need to make scale the cliff from the south to reach the wreck, and then use your spear to bust open the door. The Black Box should be located on the floor just inside.

Salt Bite Black Box

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box Locations

This Black Box is behind a vent in the building shown on the map. Head into the wreckage ahead near a few NPCs. Here, you need to enter the building shown on the map and pull the vent lid off of the wall at the end using your pullcaster. Go through it to find the black box at the end.

Once you have collected all 12 Black Boxes in HFW, you can head to the Memorial Grove and deliver the boxes to Untalla to get rewarded with Resources.

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