How To Win Crossed Wands In Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, Crossed Wands is basically a dueling competition to decide who the best duelist is in the school....

In Hogwarts Legacy, Crossed Wands is basically a dueling competition to decide who the best duelist is in the school. This side quest, coordinated by Lucas, consists of three rounds.

Lucas keeps increasing the difficulty level as the round increases. Players in these rounds need to fight against a varying number of students across three rounds and win Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy to be declared champion.

Players in all three rounds need to fight against a different number of students. However, this is up to players if he wants to play all alone or want to take some companion along with them.

Below, we have discussed everything players should know before entering to Crossed Wands side quest series in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to win Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy

The Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands location is in the Cross Wands Dueling Club which lies in the South Wing next to the Clock Tower Courtyard.

Crossed Wands have multiple duels, and winning these require learning and using a couple of spells. That said, you need to be proficient in spells called Protego and Stupefy.

During the duel, you need to use Protego as soon as you see the yellow circle hovering on the screen. The use of Protego at the beginning is necessary but after that, you can use any spell or stupefy on the enemy.

As a general strategy, you need to match the color of the shield with the spell color. Once you are successful in doing so, you will break the shield and win the Cross Wands Round.

Crossed Wands Round 1

Players can start the first round of Crossed Wands on their first day at Hogwarts school. However, to access it, players must first beat Sebastian Sallow in the first Defense against the Dark Arts class.

After beating Sebastian Sallow, players need to head towards the South Wing of Hogwarts and talk to Lucan Brattleby in the Clock Tower Courtyard. Lucan Brattleby coordinates the duels for the Crossed Wands, and talking to him will begin the Crossed Wands round 1.

In this round, players need to fight against two students (Lawrence Davies and Astoria Crickett). Both these students use the yellow shield for their protection. Players here need to team up with Sebastian and then fight.

Players here must destroy the yellow shield with control spells like Levioso. As this is a 2-v-2 competition, thus players don’t need to worry much. Deal with one of the students, and Sebastian will see the other one.

As soon as the first student is down, Sebastian and the player can hit the second one together and bring him down as well quickly. 

After it, a cutscene will happen, and players will talk to Lucas again, where he will appreciate players. Completing this increases players’ XP and paves the way toward players to become the champion of the school.

Crossed Wands Round 2

Players can begin Round 2 after talking to Lucas again once they have completed Round 1. Lucas will be found in the same place where he was in the Clock Tower Courtyard, where players went to initiate Round 1.

The second round is similar to Round 1, except players have three students to compete with instead of 2. Therefore, this is slightly difficult, and thus players should take either Natsai Onai or Sebastian along with them. However, if you want to make it more difficult, you can opt for it alone.

In this round, 2 students use a violet shield, and one uses the same yellow shield. The yellow shield can be broken similarly as in round 1 by using Levioso. Players need to use spells like Accio or Depulso to break the violet shield. If you don’t have these spells equipped, either equip them before the fight or you will have to rely on Protego and Stupefy to stun enemies and deal damage.

Thus, the round will be completed once all three students are defeated. Completing this round will complete Professor’s Hecat Assignment 1.

Crossed Wands Round 3

Once players complete the Tomes and Tribulations main quest, they will receive the invitation for the third and final round via Owl Post. This is the time for players to unleash all their powers and prove themselves the champion of the school.

This is the most challenging round, as ending this round will make you the champion. In this round, players will face four students equipping different color shields.

Before initiating this round, players should ensure that they are trained enough, as Lucas will increase the difficulty level of this round. In preparation for this round, players should stock up on Wiggenweld Potions, which will help them heal in the round, as the students here aren’t going to be knocked out too early.

Just like in Round 2, players can choose Natty or Sebastian as companions or take up the challenge alone. However, it is recommended that players take some companions as the round is already challenging, so there is no need to make it even more.

Once the round has started, like similar rounds, players need to match the color of the spell with that of the shield and then break it using the spell. While the yellow and violet shields are already discussed, in this round, players will have to break red-colored shields as well. This can be done by using Incendio or Confringo

Just attacking the shield with these spells will not lead you to success in this round. Players here should also use Protego and Stupefy to stun the students and land some free hits.

The reward for winning Crossed Wands

Players who complete all three rounds of Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy are declared the school’s best duelist. On becoming the dueling tournament champion, Lucas rewards players with the Crossed Wands Champion Garb. This can be equipped by pressing X when changing outfits in the gear menu.