How To Change Equipped Spells In Hogwarts Legacy

A well-trained witch or wizard is someone with a mastery of a variety of spells. However, Hogwarts Legacy only allows you to equip a maximum of 4 spells at a time. If you need some spell that you don’t have equipped, you need to swap to a useful one, which begs the question regarding how to change spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

You can make pre-made spell sets that you can switch through faster as you play through Hogwarts Legacy, and you can get the option to make more sets as you progress through the game.

We are here to explain the basics of different spell sets and how to gain more spell sets in Hogwarts Legacy while also explaining how you can equip and change between different spells.

How to change spells

Starting out, you can only equip and use four spells at any given time. Depending on our situation, you might have to switch your spells. You don’t want to walk into enemy territory with utility spells only, and you don’t want curse spells when you are safe and sound in Hogwarts.

Your currently equipped spells are shown in the bottom right corner of your screen To change spells, you can press T on PC or the Right D-Pad on your controller. This opens up your spell menu, where you can see whatever spells you have unlocked currently.

Once you have opened your spell menu, highlight the spell you want to equip, and then you will see the option to equip it to one of the 4 spell slots, replacing an already slotted spell or filling up an empty slot.

How to unlock and equip different spell sets

Now you need different sets of spells that work well with each other, or you might want to keep spell sets ready, for when you are fighting or in Hogwarts.

Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy allows you to make four spell sets so you can change between different spell combos on the fly. If you make your spell sets efficiently, you don’t even have to switch spells, you can just switch through your sets.

You can switch between your spell sets faster as compared to switching out individual spells.

On PC, you can simply use the mouse scroll on your spell menu to switch in between your spell sets. Scrolling up and down will change the spell sets as they are in your spell menu.

On your consoles, you can hold RT or R1 and then use your D-Pad buttons to switch between your spell sets.

How to increase spells sets in Hogwarts Legacy

Every set offers you only four spells to be used at a time, but you can increase the total number of spell sets you can make.

To increase your spell sets, you first need to unlock your Talent ab. You unlock the Talent tab after you reach level 5 and complete the main quest Jackdaw’s Rest.

Once you have access to your Talent Tab, go to your Core Talents and invest in Spell Knowledge talent. This talent provides you with an additional spell set, that you can then set up as you want.

At level 5, you can get Spell Knowledge I and Spell Knowledge II. This gives you access to two extra spell sets. You can get the last spell set of the game by unlocking Spell Knowledge III at level 16.

In total, you can get 4 separate spell sets and the option to equip 16 different spells at once. With that, you only need to know the best spells and spell combinations to equip in Hogwarts Legacy.

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