Hitman 3 Mendoza Walkthrough

In this Hitman 3 Mendoza walkthrough, we will discuss all the steps needed to complete The Farewell mission in Argentina....

In this Hitman 3 Mendoza walkthrough, we will discuss all the steps needed to complete The Farewell mission in Argentina. We will look at tips and tricks that would help you out greatly in completing Mendoza in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Mendoza The Farewell

Before starting, let’s talk about which gear would help you greatly during Mendoza map. The pistol you need is the IC9 and the lock pick as well.

Also, having a lethal syringe would be immensely helpful as it will let you take out the first target immediately. This makes life much easier.

When you start at the default location, just skip the starting panning shot if you want and get right to Diana on the deck.

When you start talking to her just skip the cutscene. She will give you the invitation. Grab it and run.

If you have the lethal injection you can just stab your first target with the syringe and get rid of her straight away but in case you do not have the syringe you can.

Most people wouldn’t have the syringe as it requires mastery level 15 in Chongqing. As it is a really big grind.

Moving on, after you have grabbed the invite from Diana, run out of the deck and to your right. You will see the even happening straight ahead.

Before entering you will have to show the guard your invitation. Once you are in the event, the next step is to get to the cinema area to get the propane tank.

To get there just go inside the building. Turn right and go down the stairs at the end of the halls. Once you get to the very front of the cinema, there is a propane tank right by the screen.

Once you get the tank, take it to the entrance of the same building as you have to put it in a specific spot.

When you get to the entrance place the tank at the exact spot as shown in the screenshot below:

If you don’t put the tank in this exact spot, you will kill a lot more other people.

After that run straight into the corner ahead and crouch. Shoot the flask when no one is around and you will take her out easily.

This is by far the easiest way to kill her. You will not be detected with this technique.

The second target
For the second target, we are going to sabotage the whole winery system to kill them. The stairs to the winery are on the left of the entrance. You have to circle the hall to get there. Go down the stairs and turn left.

You will see another set of stairs. Just go down this set but leap over the fence in the end so you are not spotted in this area as it is restricted. Stay crouched and hide behind objects like barrels and boxes.

Go into the next room carefully and on the left, there is a table. There is a fuse on that table. Grab that fuse.

Right behind there is a platform that has some stairs on the right. Climb on this platform. There is a guard on this platform. You need to subdue this guard.

After that drop down and subdue the worker/ guard down there as well. You can put his body in the crate to avoid any suspicion.

Go back to the first room by crouching along the pipe. Two guards are talking in here. Hide behind the barrels and wait for the conversation to end.

There is a plug ahead of you here. Remember that, as you will need to shoot it later on.

After the conversation has ended, distract the guy with the mop and go straight to the turbine type machine on the left. Break this machine and it will sabotage the winery.

Go back to the room where you subdued the guards and on the right of the gateway there will be an electrical box.

Put the fuse in this box. Don’t do anything else just now. Just hind beside the gate and watch the workers.

There will be a person in a suit coming towards you so get out the way and hide behind the crates.

When he has passed, shoot the plug on the ground submerged halfway in the wine. Turn on the plug beside the electrical box. This will electrocute our target.

Now you need to exit the mission. Just go to the right and climb on the shelf with the barrels. There is a vent there.

Hack it and it will open. Get out into the open and climb the stairs on the right after jumping over the fence.

You can also exit via the other side of the grape field if you want But we will talk about the exit with the Diana cutscene because it is just nice I think.

It is up to you. You will need to take out the guard on the top of the stairs. Knock out the guard by throwing your wrench.

Hide his body and gun. Go back to the party and show you the invitation again to enter. Talk to Diana and you will start a little dance with her. This will end the mission.

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