Hitman 3 Chongqing Walkthrough

The fourth mission of Hitman 3 takes place in the Rain-soaked and Neon-lit region of Chongqing, China. This Hitman 3...

The fourth mission of Hitman 3 takes place in the Rain-soaked and Neon-lit region of Chongqing, China. This Hitman 3 Chongqing walkthrough is about the End of an Era mission, which includes the ICA Facility in Chongqing as well as assassinating Hush and Imogen Royce.

Hitman 3 Chongqing End of an Era

The fourth mission of Hitman 3 includes a total of 3 Mission Stories; this guide will go into detail to help you find your way around the city of Chongqing in all of these stories.

You have two targets in Chongqing; Royce and Hush. Hush is a former cyberterrorist for the Ministry of State Security in Khadanyang, while Royce is a brilliant behavioral analyst.

There are many creative ways to take these two targets down. Different mission stories provide you with various opportunities in Chongqing. Let’s discuss these mission stories one by one.

All-Seeing Eyes

All-Seeing Eyes is one of the most straightforward mission stories in the game. This story will allow you to kill two targets at once. Your objective is to make your way to the rooftop of the laundry building marked on your map.

Once you reach the Yuzhong Square area, enter the main building with three people inside.

Climb up to the rooftop using the stairs, and you will find a broken corner with a brick lying nearby. Grab the brick as it will be used later on.

There will be a path connecting the rooftop to the balcony of the neon-lit building.

Jump off the roof and follow this path to the balcony of the next building. Pick up the items that you find in your way. Climb up the pipe to reach the top of the laundry building.

Sneakily, knock out the guard overlooking the city by using the brick that you found earlier.

Climb up the stairs, and you will find a destroyed drone at the very top. Examine this drone by using the camera.

You will need a sniper rifle to take down more drones, climb down to the rooftop where you killed the guard with a brick, and grab his rifle. Now climb back down and make your way back to the building where you first came from and go downstairs.

Now make your way to the Southeastern rooftop. You will find two guards and some drones flying over you.

Destroy a total of five drones on this rooftop and make sure you don’t get caught. Imogen Royce will make an appearance shortly to analyze the situation.

Walk towards the path you came from and silently kill the single guard overlooking the city with a headshot. Steal his clothes and weapons and throw his body off the roof. Now locate the remaining two drones and shoot at them.

You will hear a radio chatter between Imogen and Hush that they will meet at the Lotus Path.

Lotus Path is a walkway near the huge neon blue lotus sign, which you can see from the sniper’s perch.  Now that they are arguing on their own, this is an excellent opportunity for you to take them down.

Impulse Control

Your objective in this mission is to take down Hush, who runs brutal human experiments on homeless people. Your first step will be to eavesdrop on a group of homeless people marked on your UI.

One of them will begin to walk on his own, follow his lead to the alleyway. When you are in a secluded place, take this person down silently. Steal his clothes and pick up the flyer he drops.

This flyer will give you a hint about Hush’s location. Conceal your gun in the nearby can. Grab a fiber wire, and now you’re ready to go. Find the entrance to the homeless shelter and meet up with a guard.

One of the guards will check you, and only then can you pass through. The guard will lead you to the signup process; you will find out that there is no need for new subjects.

Find the open window and climb out of it. Go to the edge of the building and jump up to the next floor. You have to find the test subject on the top floor.

Sneak in through the door with a coin, use it to distract one of the guards. Head inside the door and make sure to hide. Now turn on the transistor radio to create a distraction.

Silently take down the guard that approaches you. Now go to the top floor through the stairs and takedown a nervous test subject in the bathroom. Hide his body in the locker and steal his clothes.

Now you will pose as the test subject for Hush and his experiment. Sit down next to Hush and press triangle to break his will in the tests. After multiple failures, Hush will take a break and go for a walk, but he will come back.

Grab the apple you grabbed at the signup station and throw it to distract Hush when he comes back.

Now grab the fork and target hush and kill him with a melee attack. Now escape through the bathroom window.

Certainty Principle

The main objective of this mission is to take down Imogen Royce. Head to the nearby Restaurant marked on your UI.

Grab a newspaper and eavesdrop on the conversation happening here. A man named Pritchard has arrived to tour the secret facility run by Imogen Royce.

He has left his P41 form of authorization at his apartment complex marked on your UI.

Head on to his apartment and find the P41 form. Go to the same building from the very start of the All Seeing Eyes mission story.

Climb down the pipe located at the broken edge and jump into the ICA facility through the open window. Now collect the form found inside Pritchard’s apartment.

Now you have to disguise yourself as Pritchard; for this, you’ll need to go to the bathroom located at the left of the Restaurant’s entrance. To create a distraction for the chef working in the kitchen, use the tap and overflow the sink.

The chef will come to find you at the bathroom, hide and grab a kitchen knife to kill him silently.

Look out for rat poison in the bathroom. Steal his clothes and disguise yourself as the chef. Hide his body and enter the kitchen. You will find a bowl in the kitchen where you will prepare Prtichard’s food.

Use the rat poison from earlier to poison this dish and let it be served. Go and hide in the bathroom where you have hidden the chef’s body. Pritchard will arrive, and now you can silently take him down and disguise yourself as him. Steal his clothes and his body with the chef.

Now you can meet with the guide and follow her. Handle your P41 in the guide and get ready to take some necessary measures when she leaves.

First, drop any illegal items to avoid any suspicion later on. When you meet with the guide again, there will be a need for an identification scan to put your identity at risk.

To avoid your cover from being blown, you need to hack a computer to let Olivia into the system.

Now you are good to go. Follow the guide, and now you will meet up with Imogen Royce.

Meeting with Imogen Royce
Follow Imogen Royce to The Data Core. Keep following her, and she will take you to the Analysis area. Royce will explain her behavior analysis tech to you. Pay close attention to the details.

She says that she can predict her employees’ behaviors through her algorithm if they were to be fired. She says that she has the power to fire them immediately; after this conversation, she will leave the room, and you will have full access to the system.

Imogen will now be walking around the facility where you walked before. She will also walk around the area that gets a manual biological cleansing—Fire Sharon Reed to initiate the cleansing process.

Then fire Jeremy Bolt, who will be distracted on a call with his mom. Lastly, fire Alicia Reynolds who will disable the Core Engineering area’s safety protocols while walking past the distracted Jeremy Bolt.

Enable the frosted glad technology inside the office and tell the guard to call Royce.

Royce will come back to find you, now is the right time to take her down. Hide Royce’s body, and now you’re all set to access the core and hack it.

Hacking the Data Core and Escaping the Facility
Open the ventilation shaft at the back of the room and jump out of it. You’ll be at the service tunnels. You will have to be extremely careful as the security will be on high alert.

Different ventilation shafts will lead you to other parts of the facility.

Olivia will seal and dim The Date Core room for you once you reach it. Shortly, the breach protocol will be initiated. You will have to escape as soon as possible. Locate the exit while keeping yourself hidden.

Use the ventilation shafts to escape, and you will be able to leave back the way you came into this facility.

A crowd will be surrounding the entrance; carefully exit the facility. This wraps up your job in Chongqing, China; well done 47!

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