Hello Games Have Another Procedurally Generated Game in Development

Hello Games, the maker of the notorious procedurally generated game No Man’s Sky, is working on another project. According to the developer, the studio already as a procedurally generated game in development.

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During the presentation at Game Developers Conference, Hello Games revealed the news which raises more questions than excitement. The last procedurally generated game from Hello Games didn’t turn out to the way fans hoped. Will fans buy another gimmick from Hello Games?

The release of No Man’s Sky dented the reputation of Hello Labs and many asked for a refund. A Better part of the community left the building due to lack of content and broken promises.

However, No Man’s Sky player base got a decent push after the release of it foundation update. The Steam community that was pretty much dead in the water showed a sign of life once again.

Still, working on another procedurally generated game doesn’t seem like a good idea. Hello Games was accused of false advertising, the company was under investigation in the UK but got a clearance.

But the community is still not happy even though fans are ready to forgive, another gimmick could end up burying Hello Games for good.

The focus right now should be on No Man’s Sky and adding more content to the game. Moreover, HG needs to start handcrafting their projects. Getting the community’s trust back is the most important part right now and working on another procedurally generated game may not be the best course of action.

Do you think the studio should work on another procedurally generated game? It this the right move for Hello Games? Share what you think in the comments below.

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