No Man’s Sky Player Base Got a Boost After Foundation Update, Largest Jump Since September

No Man’s Sky player base got a decent push after the release of it foundation update. The Steam community that was pretty much dead in the water showed a sign of life once again.

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According to the stats, No Man’s Sky player base peaked at over 8000, an upward move from less than a hundred. This is the biggest jump since early September.

The foundation update released with many new features, improvements, and changes to the base game. It is being received well by the community and Hello Games has promised to build more features into the game.

The release of No Man’s Sky dented the reputation of Hello Games and many asked for a refund. A Better part of the community left the building due to lack of content and broken promises. However, things seem to be looking up for No Man’s Sky for the time being. The big question is, will Hello Games be able to regain its lost user base? So far the feedback is positive and fans have come back to see what’s new and is it worth it?


The progress and healing process will be slow but No Man’s Sky has immense potential, enough to rise back up. No Man’s Sky all time peak is 212,321, a number that is overwhelmingly positive. Hello Games will be looking to recapture its audience by creating a better game with more features based on community feedback.

On thing is for certain, the community needs to be cautiously optimistic.

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