No Man’s Sky Developer Leaves the Game Behind for Star Citizen

Hello Games designer Gareth Bourn has left the studio to join Founder 42. Hello Games now needs a new designer to work on the game.

No Man’s Sky is the most poorly received game of 2016 so far and Hello Games are under investigation for false advertisement in the UK. To make matter worse, the studio now needs to find another designer to work on remaining aspects of its game.

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Hello Games designer Gareth Bourn has left the studio to join Founder 42. The reasons behind his departure may not have anything to do with No Man’s Sky but it may have played a role.

Hello Games would require a new designer to complete DLC and other updates for No Man’s Sky. The studio is already at the bare minimum in terms of manpower for developing such a large scale game.

No Man’s Sky was released earlier this year after the initial rush of sales, fans starting to ask for refunds. The community quickly realized that they entered a black hole of hype created by Sean Murray. Back in 2014, The Game Awards showed footage of the game and features that were nowhere near close to the quality of the final product.

Event hosts and companies need to work together and communicate with developers to improve transparency while showing games. Thankfully, that is exactly what Geoff Keighley plans to do this year with The Game Awards. According to Geoff Keighley:

We’re going to have more diving deeper into games and gameplay. We’re going to get deeper looks at premieres; they’ll run four or five minutes.

I think people will be surprised at the depth of some of the game content we will show this year.

What do you think of No Man’s Sky and the whole controversy surrounding it?

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