Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Wizarding Challenges Guide – Runestones, Chamber Numbers, Tips

Wizarding Challenges are one of the challenges in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Completing these challenges will reward you with different rewards like Fragments and Challenge Level Points depending on the level of the challenge. To take on these challenges, all you need to do is *enter the Fortress*, the tall buildings in the game from where you are put in several rooms which are the Tower Chambers with other different players and here you can go and take on the challenge.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Wizarding Challenges

When you see a green, it means that there is an active challenge in the Fortress. You just need to get to that room fighting the enemies in the Tower Chambers and go as higher as you can.

You use the Runestone that you can find while playing the game in a “Chamber” slot that will open a series of room for you and open slots for five players. The Runestone is how you can take part in the challenges. It is like an application.

Once you have used the Runestone, you have to wait for either the timer in the chamber to run out or wait for five people to join the team and start your challenge.

Even if five people do not join the team, you can still play the challenge as a solo player.

The Wizard Challenge is where you will be defeating other enemies in the Chamber. There are going to be quite a few enemies that you have to defeat.

A team will help you get higher and you will receive more rewards and that too, of higher level and more beneficial.

There are going to be a different chamber that is supposed to be opened in chronological order. If one player is opening one chamber then all of the others have to help him open it.

You cannot work in a different chamber at the same time. You need to have Aurors that are going to make easy work of Death Eaters, Magizoologists for healing, and maybe Professors for powerful buffs and debuffs.

This will make you prepared for any kind of a challenge in the chambers and you will be easily able to take over the enemies and win the challenge.

The room that you are going to be into will have a difficulty number that decides your rewards level. You difficulty number is dependent on the chamber number, player count, and the Runestone Level.

The Runestones are pre-marked and have a number on them that shows the Runestone Level.

The levels are going to decide the level of your rewards so try to have as high-level Runestone, as you can and the family of the Runestone will decide the kind of reward that you will get.

Finishing this off with a side note that you are supposed to always be stocked up on a few things that include the Runestone. But apart from that, you need to have high Spell Energy level at all times and you always need to *have healing potions* with you that are going to help you in surviving and make your journey more longer.

We hope our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Wizarding Challenges helped you out a little. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!