Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Spell Energy Guide – Get Unlimited Spell Energy

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite features a spellcasting ability in the game that allows the player to cast spells when in a tough situation. You use these energy spells to fight enemies or smooth out your way to a location. To cast spells, you need to have Spell Energy that you spend every time you try to trap a Confoundable Trace.

When you start the game, you are given a maximum number of Spell Energy which is 75. Later in the game, you can increase the number of the amount of Spell Energy that you store by either doing activities or by buying the storage using the real-world money.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Spell Energy

Each time you cast a spell, you will see yourself losing the Spell Energy. You can look at your Spell Energy at the bottom-left of your screen. There will come a time when you will have no Spell Energy left and you would need to restore the Spell Energy if you want to cast spells further.

You have a few ways that you can try and restore your Spell Energy. The ways have been listed for you down below:

1. Inns
There are Inns in the game. In the world map, you are going to find building markers on it. These are the houses that you have to go to. These houses will be based on real-world locations as the game uses your real location in the game. You are supposed to walk up to these Inns and click on them.

They will take you to the kitchen where you will need to trace some patterns and you will be consuming the food that the Inns have. You will be rewarded with Spell Energy.

2. Daily Quests
You can complete the Daily Quests in the game to get more Spell Energy. Go to your calendar to view the Daily Quests that you have. The quests are usually very easy and do not consume much of your time.

You can go and view the quests by clicking the tick at the bottom-right. Whatever the quests that you see there will have the amount of Spell Energy they will provide you with on completing them. Choose the ones with the highest Spell Energy and on completing them, you will be rewarded with the Spell Energy.

3. Buying [Not Recommended!]
If you are big on the Galleons, you can also use this in-game money to buy yourself some Spell Energy. Yes, buying Spell Energy is also a way which might seem easier but only if you have Galleons on you. You can also use the real-world money to buy the Spell Energy if you want or you can also buy the SOS Package in the game for the Spell Energy.

These are all the ways and honestly, all of these are not at all time-consuming or requires you to do much grinding. Now it’s on you and your situation that which way will suit you the most.

This is all we have in our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Spell Energy Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

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