How to Earn Valor in Halo Infinite

In this guide, we will be covering all the aspects regarding Valor including how to earn Valor in Halo Infinite.

Whilst clearing out the Banished forces from Zeta Halo, you’ll notice that the Chief is earning something called Valor. In this guide, we will be covering all the aspects regarding Valor including how to earn Valor in Halo Infinite. So, let’s begin with the guide right away.

Halo Infinite Valor

Valor is a currency that players earn when they take part in different tasks, activities, and missions in Halo Infinite’s open world.

Once you have a bunch of Valor, you can spend it to unlock weapons and iconic vehicles to use. Well spending is more of a loose term since you don’t actually “spend” Valor for unlocks.

Valor basically acts as a progression or XP system in Halo Infinite’s campaign. You need to meet certain thresholds and the items for those Valor values will get unlocked for you.

How to Get Valor in Halo Infinite

Here is a list of what you can do to earn Valor in Halo Infinite campaign.

  • Capturing FOBs
  • Rescuing squads of UNSC troops in the open world
  • Destroying Propaganda Towers
  • Killing Banished High-Value Targets
  • Completing main story missions

Capturing FOB’s

Players can gain Valor by capturing FOBs in Halo Infinite. You’ll face some challenging enemies, but it’ll be worth it for the valor. Simply clear out the base and claim it for the UNSC

Rescuing UNSC Troops

Some UNSC troops will be littered around Zeta Halo. Give them a helping hand to gain some valor.

Destroying Propaganda Towers

Banished Propaganda towers also litter the open world. Take them out to gain a nice amount of Valor.

Killing Banished High-Value Targets

Killing these guys nets you a good amount of Valor. They’re tough and pack on a lot of health and shields to boot. However, they’re worth taking down for a good chunk of Valor.

Completing the Main Story

Completing these main story missions will add substantial amounts of Valor to your inventory. However, we recommend you take it slow and enjoy the campaign by doing all the sub activities first.

Uses of Valor

Valor can get you several rewards like weapons, vehicles, and Marine reinforcements. Here is a complete list of what rewards can be earned by gaining Valor.

You can access these items at FOBs once you have unlocked them.

Unlock            Valor Requirement
Mongoose 0
MK50 Sidekick 0
MA40 Assault Rifle 400
Assault Marines (Assault Rifle) 450
Razorback 500
M9 Frag Grenade 550
CQS48 Bulldog 600
Breacher Marine (Bulldog) 650
Warthog 800
VK78 Commando 900
Scout Marine (Commando) 1,000
BR75 Battle Rifle 1,100
Heavy Assault Marine (Battle Rifle) 1,200
Gun goose 1,400
S7 Sniper Rifle 1,500
Sniper Marine (Sniper Rifle) 1,600
M41 SPNKr 1,700
Demolition Marine (SPNKr) 1,800
Scorpion 2,000
MLRS-2 Hydra 2,100
Striker Sidekick (More damage) 2,200
Longshot Assault Rifle (tighter spread) 2,300
Convergence Bulldog (larger capacity for ammo, smaller spread) 2,400
Wasp 2,600
Impact Commando (larger range for ammo, less accurate) 2,700
Battle Rifle Breacher (more damage) 2,800
Flexfire Sniper (higher ammo capacity and fire rate) 2,900
Pursuit Hydra (faster at locking target and rockets) 3,000
Rocket Hog 3200

We hope that this guide helps you to understand different aspects of Valor properly, so you can get your hands on this useful resource and get access to different rewards in Halo Infinite.

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