Halo Infinite Campaign Tips

Halo Infinite can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes and there is where our tips for the Halo Infinite campaign will help you out.

Halo Infinite has finally been released for everyone and the game has brought many different changes from its predecessor. Being the first “open-world” Halo game, Halo Infinite can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes and there is where our tips for the Halo Infinite campaign will help you out.

Halo Infinite Campaign Tips

Halo Infinite puts Master Chief on Zeta Halo, an open-world sandbox where players can approach missions in whatever way they deem fit while also encouraging exploration for collectibles and upgrades.

To break down the different parts of the new and exciting world of Halo Infinite, these tips will guide you through the campaign of the game.

Choose the Weapon of your Liking

In the first hour or so of Halo Infinite, you will have access to a wide array of weapons and the enemies will also be really easy to take down. Grab this chance to test out the different guns available.

This will be really helpful for you to get an understanding of the different weapons, how they work and which weapon works best in different fights.

Use the Scanner

In Halo Infinite, make sure to use your Scanner to spot different weapons, gear and other objects in the open world. The Scanner can be activated using the down arrow on the controller’s D-pad.

The Scanner marks weapons as blue outlines in the open world, and other interactable objects such as terminals, cores as yellow.

The AI is tough

In the previous iterations of Halo, unless you were on the highest difficulties, the enemy wouldn’t really present a challenge. But in Halo Infinite, the AI is smarter and tougher, and you will have to play properly even on the easiest difficulty this time around.

Use the Threat Sensor dart whenever it’s off cooldown to avoid being surrounded by enemies. The brutes and elites in Halo Infinite love to flank so you need to stay on your toes.

Grappleshot is a game changer

Halo Infinite has also introduced the Grappleshot to your equipment. It allows you to navigate and climb different areas. But the Grappleshot can also be used to attack and damage enemies. You can use it to hit Jackal Shields and knock them away from them.

The Grappleshot can also be used to hijack different vehicles so that you can use them or pick up distant weapons if you run out of ammo.

Upgrade Your Equipment

It will be really important to keep upgrading your equipment as you progress. The enemies will start to get tougher and tougher as the campaign progresses, so it will be vital for you to buff your weapons so that you can take them down with ease.

The first upgrade should definitely be for your Grappleshot as it allows you to electrocute hooked enemies, making melee kills easier. It will also be worthwhile to upgrade the Shield Core, Threat Sensor, Drop wall and Thrusters when you can.

Unlocking these upgrades for Master Chief requires Spartan Cores. You can find these Spartan Cores in green containers with the UNSC logo on them during missions as well as scattered around the open world of Zeta Halo.

Have Marines Keep You Company

Once you have control of a Forward Operating base, make sure that you take marines along on the missions with you. You may load up to five Marines and carpool about wherever you go after you acquire the Razorback Warthog Variant.

The marines will take some of the enemy’s attention off you and in a tight fight, it can give some useful firepower.

Snipers are Powerful Weapons

In Halo Infinite, snipers are a really good option for combat, as they allow you to engage with enemies from long ranges. There are multiple different snipers you can choose from and use them against the enemies.

Use Explosive Barrels to your Advantage

In the open Zeta Halo world, there will be explosive barrels at multiple different locations throughout the map. While fighting the enemies, you can fire at these barrels to blow them up and damage the enemies.

Side Missions

In Halo Infinite, Side Missions or side quests are available in different places throughout the Zeta Halo. Completing them will earn you Valor which is basically progression points that unlock equipment at FOBs.

Help Out the Marines

In Halo Infinite, you will find small groups of Marines locked up by Banished Forces. Make sure to free them to get a small Valor reward as well as the support of the Marine AIs. The Marines will follow you until you they are killed in combat.

There are also marine squads scattered around the open world, engaged in fights with Banished forces. Helping these squads out will also get you Valor and they are usually nearby Spartan Cores which can unlock upgrades for your abilities.

Propaganda Towers

While roaming around the open world, if you hear some radio messages, it will be an indication of the presence of a Banished Propaganda Tower nearby.

You can fire at and demolish these little towers to get 10 Valor. Destroying 40 of these Banished towers unlocks an achievement.

Liberate Forward Operating Bases

Forward Operating Bases are areas that provide resupply facilities. These bases can be used to fast-travel, recruit Marine reinforcements, summon a vehicle, and pick up ammo and weapons. Earning more valor will improve the vehicles, marines, and weapons at the FOBs.

In order to take over a FOB, you will have to clear away the Banished forces controlling the place. It works as a fast travel location and reveals other POIs and side missions.

High-Value Target Elimination

This is basically bounty hunting where you have to kill an elite Named Enemy somewhere on the Zeta Halo. The enemy is not only tougher than your usual enemies and should be considered as a proper boss but also has a lot of reinforcements backing him up.

Defeating these High-Value targets will unlock their unique weapons for Master Chief which can be picked up from FOBs.

Take Down Banished Outposts

Outposts are pretty much bigger and tougher versions of FOBs where you have to complete a number of objectives, usually destroying Silos and sabotaging enemy equipment, all while under constant attack from Banished forces.

While Outposts don’t unlock Fast Travel points or new POIs on the map, they give a high amount of Valor due to their challenge so it is always a good idea to complete these.

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