No Public Death Stranding Gameplay Reveal But Guerrilla Games Saw It Recently

Hideo Kojima recently visited Guerrilla Games to show what they have done with their Decima engine in Death Stranding and everyone is impressed.

Death Stranding is still a mystery and there’s very less that we know about the game. Though some developers like Cory Barlog and at Guerrilla Games were lucky enough to see some exclusive footage of Death Stranding recently. And they are all really impressed.

Years back, Hideo Kojima went on a hunt looking for a perfect engine for his upcoming game. Hideo Kojima went on a world tour at SIE’s WWS and he ended up choosing Guerrilla Games’ Decima engine. Decima engine by Guerrilla Games is a very impress engine used in various Guerrilla Games projects and in the latest Horizon Zero Dawn game which is just so beautiful.

Now after all these years, Hideo Kojima returned to Guerrilla Games to show what Kojima Productions has made using the Decima engine. Almost everyone at Guerrilla has now responded to this incredible new footage shown and they are really impressed.

Starting with the director of Horizon Zero Dawn, he wrote on Twitter “Very impressive what we saw today, left me speechless…”. Afterward, Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Games also Tweeted to share how impressed they are with what Kojima Productions have made using their engine.

Death Stranding New Footage

Micheel Leeuw, Techinal Director at Guerrilla Games also had something to say about this new footage.

Death Stranding Footage

Dennis Zopfi, Lead Combat & Robot designer at Guerrilla Games said that what he saw was “intriguing, beautiful, touching, mysterious, amazing, artistic, thrilling, engaging, inspiring and masterful”. Angie Smets, Executive producer at Guerrilla Games was also very impressed and was left speechless too.

I personally loved Horizon Zero Dawn and previous Killzone games. Big developers admitting that Death Stranding is beautiful and touching makes it harder for us to wait for the release date of the game. This also tells us how well the development of the game is going right now. It’s surely in good hands.

In other news, Aki Saito of Kojima Productions hints that we might finally be getting to know in detail about DS in 2019.

Aki Saito of Kojima Productions Tweeted to thank the fans for all the support and said that he will share some special info soon. We are expecting this special info by Kojima Productions to be a new trailer, images, release date or anything related to Death Stranding so hold on tight.

However, we know that Kojima likes to do things his own way and that’s by keeping things all a mystery. As for the release date, Norman Reedus has already slipped that Death Stranding will release in 2019. He also said that the game is “Mind blowing, Epic, The Future, and Incredible.”

Though after the recent visit of Conan O’Brien to Hideo Kojima’s studio in Japan, he said that it’s “too far from when the game is coming out”.

As for the game, we really don’t know much about it. We have yet to know what the story is about and how the game mechanics work. Though we do know that DS is being developed exclusively for PS4. There are also rumors that DS will be a cross-gen title ending up on PS5 after PS4.

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