Death Stranding Is “Mind Blowing, Epic, The Future, and Incredible,” Says Norman Reedus

What is Death Stranding? Is it Silent Hills? No one knows but according to its star Norman Reedus, the game is “mind-blowing, epic, the future, and incredible.” The newly hired marketing and communications person Aki Saito posted on Twitter about what Norman had to say about Death Stranding.


Kojima Productions is working with Norman Reedus on Death Stranding. We will also see Mads Mikkelson, Stefanie Joosten, and Troy Baker in lead roles. However, none of these actors know when the game is coming out. Although they do know what the game is about and its scope, no one knows when the project will actually be complete.

TV show host Conan O’Brien recently visited Kojima Productions as well and shot a promotional video for the game. However, Conan and his team aren’t allowed to show the footage until further into the future. When asked about his visit to Kojima Productions, Brien said:

They are working on a very top secret video game, it’s called Death Stranding. And no one is allowed to know anything about it. I mean they have released a few clips here and there but it’s top secret and we shot there and it’s another world. But we can’t show anything yet because it’s too far from when the game is coming out. It’s one of those things that is just out there, we have launched it, and it’s going to zip-in at the right time. Everyone is going to freak out!

Death Stranding will supposedly release around 2020 which means there is still a long time to go before we’ll see the video as well as the game itself.

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