Death Stranding Release Date May Stretch As Far As PS5’s Release, May Become A Cross-Gen Title

Death Stranding Release Date just might be pretty far off. It might roll out on PS4 and PS5, which could ultimatel result in a far off release.

Well, there is too much smoke in the air regarding Death Stranding Release Date. Some say it will be rolling out sometime later in 2019, while others are of the opinion for early 2019. For a little while, most of us started to actually believe that it just might roll out in 2019. However, since these were mere speculations and rumors, no one actually could predict the release date. That said, let us add more to that smoke, it seems to be that Death Stranding Release Date just might stretch as far as PlayStation 5’s release.

Although a solid release window is yet to be confirmed let alone a definite release date, according to Industry analyst Michael Pachter of the Wedbush Securities, Death Stranding may very well end up launching on PlayStation 5. Now as you may know that at the E3 2018 PS5 was given a little touchdown nothing much. So we can not expect PS5 any time soon, which means that if the devs aim to roll it out on PS5 then the Death Stranding Release Date is pretty far off.

In a recent interview, Pachter shared few of his predictions among which he said that PS5 will launch sometime 2020, adding to that he also said that he believes, Death Stranding will be a cross-gen title, so while it will roll on PS4 it shall also be rolling out on PS5.

So believing if what Pachter says turns out to be true, this would mean that Kojima Productions will keep the PS5 and PS4 release gap pretty close, which ultimately means that the Death Stranding Release Date will too far off. Probably somewhere in 2020.

Pachter said:

“It’s hard to know with Sony, Their [E3 2018] showcase was really hard to figure out, and they didn’t talk at all. My bias is that they [the PS5] will also launch in 2020, so no reason to announce any current generation exclusives other than the ones announced so far. Death Stranding will likely be a cross-generation title.”

With that said, did you hear what Amazon did recently regarding the game? Well apparently according to Amazon Death Stranding will release in 2030. Not sure what’s all that about.

So what are your thoughts about the release date of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gamingbolt