GTA Online Signal Jammer Locations Guide

Want to hire a professional hacker for your heist? This GTA Online Signal Jammer Locations guide will help you with that task

With the release of Diamond Casino Heist DLC in GTA Online, you’ll need as much professional help as you can get. And to recruit the professionals, you need to carry out certain tasks. One of the these is to destroy 50 jammers spread across Los Santos to Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay. Doing so, you’ll unlock Awi Schwartzman to join your crew as the hacker for the heist, who also helped through the Pacific Bank Heist. Here are all the GTA Online Signal Jammer Locations marked on the map.

GTA Online Signal Jammer Locations

An easy way to get these jammers is to go into an “Invite-Only” session to avoid pointless griefers from blowing you up just for fun. You can use a plane such as hydra or the Oppressor Mk ll to go to the mentioned locations and destroy the Jammers. You yourself need to destroy these jammers or have a friend in your CEO or MC club to help you.

When in close proximity to a jammer, you’ll hear a beeping sound. Follow the sound to get to the jammer. Turn off the radio so your hearing is not interrupted.

Try to go after the ones in the mountain and deserts first before you head out to disable those in the city. Learn how to find the jammers first.

Many of these jammers are along the Highway that runs across the map. Getting them will be a piece of cake.

The ones you can practice on are those in the mountains, as you’ll need a flying vehicle with weapons to get them. If you are not good with flying planes, a hydra or a helicopter is recommended.

You can also use the satellite laser to destroy them if they are in the open, but it is a stupid idea.

Once you are experienced enough, you can easily go after the jammers in the city which are mainly hidden from plain sight and need to be traced.

In case you do not have a hangar in Fort Zancudo, getting the one jammer there will be the hardest, as flying in or going in will get you a high wanted level with rockets fired at you to knock you down.

Below is the map with all the locations marked, once you are in the vicinity, you will have to do a bit of searching yourself.

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