GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Guide

The new GTA Online update lets you score big and rob a casino, so if you want a big payout, check out this Diamond Casino Heist guide

Thanks to the Cheng Family, this heist will be easier with them on your back, and you can put a huge dent on the Duggan family. The Diamond Casino Heist will require a lot of time, dedication, and resources as the reward is hefty! Read on for our complete GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist guide to pull off this heist with ease.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino Heist is, in fact, a very complex one when it comes to executing it. It is a GTA Online heist unlike ever before and is actually a complex task to take on to. As Rockstar says that this is the most audacious and complex criminal operation to hit Los Santos.

Let’s get the biggest question out of the way first, how much will you earn from the Diamond Casino Heist. The payout is 2.1 Million Dollars and that is quite a lot of money!

Keeping in view that Lester will get 60k as his cut. The rest will be then divided among the heist participants. So it’s important that you make the most out of the well-defended diamond vault.

Diamond Casino Heist Setup

Purchase a Retro Arcade

Before anything else, firstly you have to buy a retro arcade and for that, you will meet Lester in the Mirror park where he will guide you through the available properties in Eyelid.

Depending upon cash available and your preference you will have to buy a property that will then act as your planning area later. Along with the property you have to buy some arcade equipment and earn cash out of that.

You can also get Pixel Pete’s arcade for free from Maze Bank if you are a Twitch Prime Subscriber. Once you have both the property and the gaming platforms available a cutscene will play where you will be planning the heist!

There will be an exclusive planning board which must be filled as the plan develops before execution.

Setup Missions

Planning will require a bunch of tasks to do including Scoping out the Casino, finding Access points and Points of Interest, Persons of interest, doing optional tasks of planning, scoping the Diamond vault itself and some side tasks.

These are all the setup missions that will finally let you select the approach of starting the heist where one is STEALTH, allowing you to steal most of the contents undetected.

Scoping out the Casino inside out, taking pictures of the access points which can be found even more easily if you buy the model of the Casino and then sending the pictures to Lester is one of the setup missions.

On the model purchased, all the blue dots are the access points you must take pictures of 6 of these and send them to Lester. The doors with keypads next to them are of the most importance.

Also, take pictures of the cameras guarding those doors. When you take the picture only those can be sent to Lester which may be useful and the phone tells you that.

Just keep in mind that you must not forget any BLUE DOT on the model.

Make Your Way into the Casino

Then you must head inside the Casino taking pictures of the door with the keypads and all the cameras around and make your way to AGATHA’S office and take a picture of the blueprints on her desk.

As you go back to the arcade you will see the board filling up. The point of interest must be scoped when you scope the vault content.

On the board, interact with the VAULT content and you can scope the vault area through CCTV cameras and pick the Point of interests as you go through the different footage.

Once you’ve done this, head back to the arcade and look up at the board. The board will be filled indicating that the planning stage is done!

Diamond Casino Heist

The GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist execution starts now! You drive to the casino along with the participants of the heist as you chose and walk inside through the front door.

Head inside AGATHA’s office

Go to AGATHA’s office where a cutscene starts at the end of which you can get to the Staff entrance door using the card you just get in the scene.

Make your way to the basement, stay sneaky as this should be a stealth mission clearing the guards on the way. Enter the security room and clear it out.

If you get suspected then the alarm will blow off. Use the elevator that will take you down to Basement 1, take out the guards in the area. After that make your way to the steel door and interact with the keypads along with your partner.

Run towards the vault door, drill through the door locks which is a time taking process where you have to drill through the two points to disable two locks.

Begin Looting!

Once the door opens you can start looting till you reach the door where you will use the fingerprints you have to unlock it. You have only a limited time before the nerve agent starts releasing and you have to leave the vault.

Once the gas is released run back and swipe the cards simultaneously in the keypads with your partner, clear the way as there will be guards and make your way to the waste disposal area! The game will lead you to the exit.

Proceed to the Buyers

From there you have to run towards the parking area. On your way you will encounter some swat teams as well so be prepared.

Drive all the way to the buyers but it that way, the police cars will be on your tail so you have to reach the destination while keeping away from them.

Avoid all the roadblocks on the way and finally lose the cops. When you reach the destination you will have to wait for all the participants to gather there. The cutscene will play where you will deliver the bags to the buyers and your share will appear on the screen.

That’s all on how to plan this most complicated heist in GTA Online and executing it out! So it’s time you let Duggan Family feel your wrath.