GTA 5 Fleeca Job Heist Walkthrough Guide – Fleeca Job Challenges, How to Complete, GTA 5 First Heist

GTA 5 Fleeca Job Heist Guide to help you all learn all about completing GTA Online Fleeca Job, GTA 5 Online First Heist in the game.

GTA Online Heists have finally started rolling out. There are new weapons to acquire, vehicles to find, and jobs to complete. GTA 5 Online First Heist is The Fleeca Job which is covered in this GTA 5 Fleeca Job Heist Guide. Grand Theft Auto Online Heists require you to coordinate with your team and play together as a team to emerge victoriously.

In this GTA 5 Fleeca Job Heist Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing GTA 5 Online First Heist. We will guide you on how to do Heists in GTA 5 and how to start a Heist in GTA 5 Online.

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GTA 5 Online Fleeca Job Heist

I will cover everything you need to know about completing The Fleeca Job. To get started, meet up with Lester, and get introduced to GTA Online Heists.

After speaking with Lester, roam outside for a while and you will receive a call from him asking you to head to your apartment. It is in your apartment where you will be able to participate and host heists.

When you are ready, invite someone from your crew or wait for an online player to join in as The Fleeca Job is a 2-player mission. You can also quickly jump in other player’s session using your mobile phone, but it is not recommended.

GTA 5 Fleeca Job Heist Objective #1 – Scope Out

As soon as the other player joins your session, Lester will appear on your doorstep with the other player. Your first objective is to drive to the bank and survey the security and everything inside the bank.

Pay close attention to the dialogue as Lester will debrief you about the job. For a quick overview, you need to steal a safety deposit (#167 to be exact) containing valuables.

Simply park outside the bank and survey the inside and outside of the bank using the bank’s hacked security feed.

Once you are done, Lester will ask you familiarize yourself with a hacking application that he designed. This includes a mini-game (sort of like Snake from old Nokia phones) where you have a guide a dot from one point to another.

After this, let Lester speak to his assistant Paige and reach the Garment Factory. Once there, you will need to swap cars and drive to your apartment. This marks the end of the first objective. Oh, a quick note: Paige is a little mean.

GTA 5 Fleeca Job Objective #2 – Karuma

Soon after arriving at your apartment, ‘Be Prepared!’ Trophy or Achievement will unlock. After arriving in your apartment, listen to Lester preach about respect and the importance of a leader in addition to some minor introductions.

Once the pep talk is over, you will be required to change your outfit. Get dressed (or not) and head down to the street level.

Both players will receive their separate vehicles to head to a multi-story parking lot in Del Perro.

In order to steal the ride from the Korean mob, you will be required to put on a mask (follow the onscreen instructions to do so) and look more intimidating.

The next part is a simple shootout. Once this part is over, head inside the vehicle and escape the area. As it turns out the Koreans are quite vengeful and will try to pursue you.

The idea is to either kill them all using the drive-by or reach the Garment Factory as fast as possible. The objective finishes once you have parked the vehicle inside Lester’s garage.

GTA 5 Fleeca Job Objective #3 – Heist Finale

The last section starts with a few introductions of various things placed on the Heists Board. Once you have learned about everything, you will either take up the role of Driller or Driver.

Once again, you need to change your outfit, choose your masks, and vehicles. Once this is done, head over to the Garment Factory and pick up the armored vehicle that you stole during the second objective.

While the Driver drives to the Fleeca Bank, the Driller will have to use Lester’s Hacking Tool – just like the Objective #1; this one is a tad difficult. After using the hacking tool to unlock the bank’s vault, head inside the bank.

Soon after heading inside the Fleeca Bank, the Driver needs to destroy the 4 CCTV cameras inside the bank. Driller, on the other hand, needs to head inside the vault to retrieve the Deposit Box.

Tip: The best way to use the drill is to take it slow and not rush it. If you see smoke erupting, slow it down and start it again.

The driver needs to keep his weapon pointed at the man behind the counter so as to keep him off the alarm. Keep an eye out on the yellow bar in the lower-right corner and fire occasional shots to keep it filled.

Note: It is extremely important to keep the man from tripping the alarm or the job is over.

Once the Driller is done with his task, the alarm will go off and both Driller and Driver will need to head to the vehicle surrounded by cops. Coordinate and try to head inside the vehicle at the same time for the best results.

So as to assist you in your escape, Lester has prepared a getaway chopper that you need to reach to complete this job. While getting to the chopper, you will face many police roadblocks – simply ram them or go past them.

When you get to the bridge with your chopper flying above, try and stay under the large magnet which will pick you up followed by a cut-scene. Bottoms up, folks! Good game.

This is all we have in our GTA 5 Fleeca Job Heist Walkthrough Guide. Found anything misleading or confusing? Let us know in the discussion box below!

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