GTA 5 Online The Pacific Standard Heist Guide – Vans, How to Signal, Hack, Convoy, Bikes and Finale

How to successfully complete GTA 5 Online The Pacific Standard Heist with maximum rewards. Complete GTA 5 Online The Pacific Standard Job.

GTA 5 Online The Pacific Standard Heist is the final mission of GTA 5 Online Heists. It is a 4-player online heist with a $1 million total take. For the final heists, Lester has plans to steal a hefty amount from the Pacific Standard Bank in Vinewood.

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The Pacific Standard Job is a tough one to complete as you need to go through plenty of preparation, hacking, and engage with a number of tough enemies. Pulling it off, if you can that is, will result in a large of sum of money deposited in your bank account.

You need to follow Lester’s plan as well as our GTA 5 Online The Pacific Standard Heist guide. If you wish to add something please take it to the comments below.

The following The Pacific Standard Job will walk you through the process of successfully completing this mission. Keep in mind that you need to be connected to the internet and access GTA 5 Online to participate in The Pacific Standard.

GTA 5 Online The Pacific Standard Job Heist

Following is a quick overview of everything you need to do in order to complete The Pacific Standard Bank Job in GTA 5 Online Heists. The process should take more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Pacific Standard – Vans
Details: Get hold of a Post Op van fitted with a transponder that can be reprogrammed to disable the Pacific Standard dye packs. You will have to photograph a few vans in the field to identify the right one.

Players in this section are divided into Drivers and Navigators. After suiting up, the Drivers are supposed to Navigators. Furthermore, note that there are only 080:30 minutes to find the vans.

The Navigators need to use the Trackify application to find the van and give directions to the Drivers. Furthermore, keep on sending Lester the photos of van’s license plate to access the Post OP database.

Once Lester has acquired all four plates, he will ask you to steal a van and get it back to Garment Factory. There is absolutely no need for all the players to get in the van.

Only one player needs to drive the van and the rest of the players can take their own vehicles to get to the Garment Factory. After taking the van to Paige, watch the small cut-scene and complete this section of the job.

Pacific Standard – Signal
Details: Bring the transponder to Avi Schwartzman, a signal expert, so he can tune it to the right frequency for the Pacific Standard dye packs. Avi is a fugitive hiding out in North Chumash.

After suiting up, drive to the Meeting Point which is off the Western Highway just before Paleto Bay. After arriving at the sea, mount up each Seashark and head to the island. Once you arrive at the island, you will have to rescue Avi Schwartzman from an army of cops.

While securing Avi Schwartzman, you will also have to deal with a Police Maverick so keep an eye out for it. After finding the dude wasted in a corner, you will have to escort him to the drop off.

You will also acquire a 3-star Wanted Level with a chopper in your pursuit. Try and destroy the helicopter before moving to the drop off. Aside from the chopper, you will also have to deal with a bunch of police boats.

After arriving at the shore, you will once again acquire a 3-star Wanted Level. At this point, you will have to rescue Avi Schwartzman from the police.

One important thing to note here is that you do not need to rescue for all your crew. All you need is to find a vehicle and rescue Avi Schwartzman while your teammates acquire other vehicles and hold off the cops.

I have also found that getting your target to the drop off point counts the mission as successful even if the cops are in your pursuit. As soon as you deliver the target, the mission completes.

Pacific Standard – Hack
Details: Borrow a hacking rig from a rival high-end heist crew in Vinewood. Take out the guards, swap the setup out of their van and into ours, distract the crew, and bring the van to Paige.

For this part of the Pacific Standard, players are divided as Transporters and Decoys. Once you are suited up, head over to the Garment Factory and head inside the Van. Once all your teammates are inside the van, drive it to Vinewood Boulevard.

Once you arrive at the Vinewood Boulevard, you will have to kill almost an army of rival heist crew. These guys are scattered on rooftops, inside buildings, and behind cover. The best idea to take them out is to stay behind cover and take your time with your shots.

Once you have cleared the area, head inside the White Van and park it right next to the rival crew’s Black Van.

After a brief cut-scene, ask the teammates driving the Black Van to leave the area and take the White Van back to Paige in the Garment Factory. As for the Black Van, it must be destroyed in order to complete this section of the Pacific Standard.

Pacific Standard – Convoy
Details: Hijack a Merryweather convoy in Blaine County to get Thermal Charges to use on the security doors at the Pacific Standard.

In order to get your hands on some Thermal Charges, the crew needs to head over to Calafia Bridge and wait for further orders. Once you arrive at the bridge, immediately draw out your RPG – you need to destroy a helicopter that shows up in the area.

Wait for the convoy to show up and clear out the area as soon as possible. Now that the easier part is over, you need to deliver the truck to Paige with a couple of Savages, a gazillion Merryweather vehicles at your tail.

The best idea is to let two of your teammate’s drive a Technical with the mounted machinegun and the other two should be inside the truck. Once you complete the ‘Escape Merryweather’ objective, you will receive the exact location of the drop off on your mini-game.

Simply deliver the truck to the drop-off and get ready for the next job.

Pacific Standard – Bikes
Details: Source the getaway vehicles for the Pacific Standard Job. Take four states of the art sports bikes from the Lost Clubhouse in East Los Santos and store them near the bank.

To get started, head over to the East Lost MC Clubhouse in order to steal a Lectro. I found going in guns blazing to be an amazing way to drop all the enemies inside. Once you clear the area off all enemies, pick up the Lectro(s) and drive them to the drop-off.

Tip: You need to drive Lectro, not the Chopper (bike) – keep this in mind.

The whole mission is simple as it can be. Sure, you will get attacked by the bikers on your way to the drop-off, but with super-fast bikes underneath you; those bikers should not be much of a problem. Once you deliver the bikes, the mission completes.

The Pacific Standard Job – Finale and Payout
Details: Clear out the flagship branch of the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood Boulevard. Bust into the bank, control the crowd, crack the vault, pull out what you can, and make a getaway on the bikes.

To put in Lester’s words, this one is pretty simple: Some of you will do crowd control. The vault team, you will go downstairs, blow the first vault door with the Thermal Charges, then use the card to get into the network and open the second vault door.

And then look out, because you will have about two minutes before every cop in town is waiting for you outside the bank. So you move fast, you get on the bikes, you split, and we meet at the rendezvous point.

The team is split as one hacker, one demolition, and 2 crowd control. After suiting up, head to the Pacific Standard Bank. It’s the job of hacker and demolition to subdue the guards and head downstairs to the vaults.

The ‘crowd control’ needs to frighten people by shooting near them – both teams should avoid killing people at all costs. Once you head inside the bank, start shooting in the air to frighten the hostages, but once again, do not kill anyone.

The hacker and demolition should immediately start opening doors to vaults by using the Thermal Charges – do not worry, they do not explode. Once you are downstairs, kill the two guards and move on to the Control Panel. You can also shoot their legs if you need to subdue them.

As soon as the hacker starts his or her work, you will have about 5 minutes to complete the robbery. The hacking part is quite simple: you need to press the button as soon as the red alphabet appears between the blue lines.

Once the vault opens, use the remaining charges to open up the Titanium door and grab the cash – loot everything you can carry; spam X to carry as quickly as you can. Once you have the cash, head to the bank’s exit to regroup with your team.

After a short cut-scene, Lester will tell you that you will have to run to your bikes – do not even try to get inside the Police Cruisers, you will not be able to. Furthermore, note that if cops shoot you, you will lose some money.

You will have to go down an alley in order to get to your bikes. While running down the alley, make sure to check your back often as the policemen will try to flank you as much as they can.

In addition to this, you will also have to deal with a chopper flying over your head – a quick homing missile should work well to take out the chopper. Once you get near the bikes, grab the Light Body Armor and make a run for the canyon.

Stealing the bikes will acquire you a 5-star Wanted Level. During this situation, there is hardly anything you can do except to rely on your driving skills and going as fast as you can without engaging the cops.

Use your ‘Focus’ as much as you can and always try to go off-road instead of taking the main road.

Pro Tip: If you somehow lose your bike, you can always hitch a ride with one of your teammates or hijack any vehicle nearby.

Once you get to the wooden bridge, jump off the cliff and use the parachute to head near the Dinghy or inside it. Once all your teammates are inside the Dinghy, drive it up to the sea, watch the cut-scene, grab your loot, and congratulations.

You completed The Pacific Standard Job.

This was our GTA 5 Online The Pacific Standard Heist Guide. Hope this helps you complete the mission successfully. GTA 5 is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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