GTA V: All Store Heist Locations (& How to Rob)

Looking to perform the perfect store heist in GTA V? You'll need to know how to avoid the police and other tips to rob the place clean.

In GTA 5, you can rob stores across Los Santos to make a little extra cash. There is a total of 19 stores that you can hold up and unlike the main mission heists, do not require any sort of setup. Some of them even have multiple cash registers, doubling your take.

In this guide, we’ll go over all the stores you can rob in GTA V, including their location and potential take. Additionally, we’ll also be discussing several tips to make sure your criminal endeavors are always successful.

How to rob stores in GTA V

For a successful robbery, enter the store, walk up to the counter, and whip out a gun to point at the clerk.

When you do this, one of three things will happen; the clerk will either pull out a gun of their own, they’ll comply with your demands right away, or they’ll refuse to move (in which case you need to fire a warning shot elsewhere to let him know that you’re serious).

When the clerk finally complies, they’ll start filling a grocery bag with the money in the register. During this time, you do not need to keep the gun pointed at them.

Look around the counter for a second register if there is one. If there is, you want to shoot it to crack it open when the clerk is finished filling your bag.

Remember that once the bag is full or upon shooting the second cash register, you receive a one-star wanted level. Grab the moolah and run out of the store, whereupon you receive another star, giving you a two-star wanted level. Now it’s just a matter of evading the police.

All store heist locations in GTA 5

In GTA 5, there are a total of 19 stores that you can rob. Most of them are either convenience stores or liquor stores. Each shop has a different escape route and offers a different amount of money upon a successful robbery.

SupermarketSenora Freeway, Mount Chiliad$950
Limited LTD GasolineGrapeseed Main Street$500
24/7 SupermarketNiland Avenue, Sandy Shores$200
Scoops Liquor BarnRoute 68, Grand Senora Desert$350
24/7 SupermarketSenora Freeway, Grand Senora Desert$600
24/7 SupermarketRoute 68, Harmony$200
24/7 SupermarketBarbareno Road, Chumash$1100
24/7 SupermarketIneseno Road, Banham Canyon$700
Robs LiquorGreat Ocean Highway, Banham Canyon$100
Limited LTD GasolineTongva Drive, Banham Canyon$1200
24/7 SupermarketClinton Avenue, Downtown Vinewood$600
24/7 SupermarketPalomino Freeway, Tatavian Mountains$1050
Limited LTD GasolineE Mirror Drive, Mirror Park$880
Rob’s LiquorProsperity Street, Morningwood$600
Rob’s LiquorSan Andreas Avenue, Vespucci Canals$600
Limited LTD GasolineLindsay Circus, Little Seoul$800
Rob’s LiquorEl Rancho Boulevard, Murrieta Heights$700
24/7 SupermarketInnocence Boulevard, Strawberry$300
Limited LTD GasolineGrove Street, Davis$880

GTA 5 store robbery tips

Now that you have the locations of all 19 store robbery locations in GTA 5, it is important that you follow the tips we’ve listed below to not only increase your potential take but also to make sure your effort doesn’t go in vain due to the interference of the cops.

  • Check for double registers: Most stores have more than one cash register available, when you hold up a clerk, shoot the second one to make sure they empty it too.
  • Scope the place out: Before you initiate a robbery scope the place out for alternate exits, extra registers, and more to make sure you’re aware of your surroundings in case things don’t go your way.
  • Be quick: Once you initiate a robbery the cops will arrive at your location fairly quickly, so make sure you’re quick on your feet.
  • Use a silenced weapon: After you’ve robbed the store, killing the clerk buys you some extra minutes before the cops arrive. Silenced weapons won’t alert others of your activities
  • Have a getaway car ready to go: Make sure you have a getaway car ready to go, the key while robbing stores is to evade the cops with one or two wanted stars, three or more makes shaking them much more difficult.

GTA 5 store robbery mods

If you’re unsatisfied with the number of robbable stores the game has to offer, you can install a mod that grants you access to six additional robbery locations. These stores work in tandem with the vanilla game’s 19, giving you a total of 25 robbable locations in GTA 5. The mod is titled Rob Stores 1.0 and is available on

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