GTA V Store Heists Guide – How To Rob Stores

Rockstar Games has made sure that players have a lot of stuff in Grand Theft Auto V so that players remain immersed in the game and performing GTA V store heists is one of them. However, performing GTA V Store hits will cause the police to pursue you and this guide will help you on how to perform store heists in GTA V and get away with it.

Players can perform GTA V store heists wither when they are bored or desperate for cash in the game and this guide will help you step-by-step on what is the best way to perform a heist and then reap the reward for the heist. Also, all you need to rob a store in GTA V is a gun.

There are a total of 19 stores that you can hold up in San Andreas. Some of them will have multiple cash registers, and if you enter them without holding a gun, you can even buy some snacks before you rob them blind.

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This GTA V Store Heists Guide will detail all there is for the players to know to perform a successful store heist in Grand Theft Auto V to avoid any problem with the police in the game as we all know the cops in Grand Theft Auto series are quite aggressive when it comes to pursuing.

GTA V Store Heists

In a successful robbery, you enter the store, walk up to the counter, whip out a gun and point it at the clerk.

When you do this one of three things will happen; the clerk will pull out a gun of their own (which is rare but known to happen), they’ll comply with your demands right away, or they give you the middle finger and refuse to move (in which case you need to fire a warning shot elsewhere to let him know that you’re serious).

When the clerk finally complies, he’ll start filling a grocery bag with the money in the register. During this time, you do not need to keep the gun pointed at them.

Look around the counter for a second register if there is one. If there is, you want to shoot it to crack it open when the clerk is finished filling your bag.

Remember that once the bag is full or upon shooting the second cash register, you receive a one-star wanted level. Grab the moolah and run out of the store, whereupon you receive another star, giving you a two-star wanted level.

Now it’s just a matter of evading the fuzz and congratulations; you’ve successfully robbed a convenience store. Here’s a list of the stores you can rob around San Andreas:

Shop #1 – Supermarket
Location. Senora Freeway, Mount Chiliad

This shop has two registers, and you can expect to walk away with $950. Shoot the second register when the clerk is finished bagging your money.

Grab the money that drops for the second register, then the bagged money, and hotfoot it out of there. Since this is a rural area, you can probably make it into the wilderness behind the store on foot before the fuzz arrive.

Shop #2 – Limited LTD Gasoline
Location. Grapeseed Main Street

There are two registers in the store, and you can expect to get away with your pockets $500 heavier. Again, remember not to shoot the second register until the clerk has finished the bagging of the first. To escape the cops you might try following the creek around the back of the store which leads to a bridge.

Shop #3 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Niland Avenue, Sandy Shores

There are also two registers for this store, but you probably already know the drill by now. Expected payout is $200 and the police is slow to react, so you can probably jack a ride in time to lose the fuzz.

Shop #4 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Senora Freeway, Grand Senora Desert

Two registers, $600 to go. Sprint for the desert and find some bushes to hide in.

Shop #5 – Scoops Liquor Barn
Location. Route 68, Grand Senora Desert

Only one register in this liquor store, though it pays out for $350. To lose the cops, you might consider heading for the hills located behind the custom car shop across the road from the store.

Shop #6 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Route 68, Harmony

There are two registers here, and the payout should be about $200. The clerk might give you trouble, but the shotgun in your hands will take care of that. Once more, the police are slow to repond so you’ll have time on your side to lose them in the desert.

Shop #7 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Barbareno Road, Chumash

There’s two registers to raid here, and the payout is good, at $1100. However, the clerk has an attitude problem so you’ll have to be firm. The cops aren’t as slow as in other instances so you’ll have to be quick about slipping around to the back and skipping down to the beach.

Shop #8 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon

Another two registers to raid here, and the take is decent as well, at $700. As you may have noticed, the cops are starting to get a little quicker, so waste no time in heading down to the beach to find a place to hide.

Shop #9 – Robs Liquor
Location. Great Ocean Highway, Banham Canyon

This store isn’t even worth it to be honest. The clerk is uncooperative, so you may need to take matters into your own hands. The takings are a measly $100 and the cops get there fast, so you will want to have a getaway vehicle parked outside.

Shop #10 – Limited LTD Gasoline
Location. Tongva Drive, Banham Canyon

Now this is the kind of robberies you want to be pulling off. Two registers here, with a take of $1200. Snatch and Grab, then run for the hills as soon as you step outside.

Shop #11 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Clinton Avenue, Downtown Vinewood

There’s two registers here, and the cops will take their sweet time responding to the situation. You’ll get around $600 from the machine, then head around back and scale the wall to the north. Alternatively, you can just have a vehicle ready for a chase.

Shop #12 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Palomino Freeway, Tatavian Mountains

There’s twin registers to raid here, and the take is somewhere in the area of $1050. The cops respond super-fast here, so you’re going to want an escape vehicle (or even aircraft) waiting for you when you pull this heist.

Shop #13 – Limited LTD Gasoline
Location. E Mirror Drive, Mirror Park

Double Registers again, and the expected payout is in the neighborhood of $880. For an escape on foot consider booking it for the bridge going over the flood canal around back and westwards.

Shop #14 – Rob’s Liquor
Location. Prosperity Street, Morningwood

Only one register here, with a payout of $600. The cops are going to be right on top of you, so have an escape vehicle ready. I prefer a bike, but that’s just me.

Shop #15 – Rob’s Liquor
Location. San Andreas Avenue, Vespucci Canals

600 dollars is the payout, from just ne one register here. And you’re definitely going to need an escape vehicle for this one. Use the alley system nearby to dodge the heat.

Shop #16 – Limited LTD Gasoline
Location. Lindsay Circus, Little Seoul

Two registers, 800 dollars. Once, more the authorities get onto the scene fast (since it’s in the middle of the city). An escape vehicle is a must, or just hijack someone else’s.

Shop #17 – Rob’s Liquor
Location. El Rancho Boulevard, Murrieta Heights

A single register in this store will give you about $700. There’s also a handy-dandy river nearby you can use as a fast getaway from the cops if there’s no car or bike on hand.

Shop #18 – 24/7 Supermarket
Location. Innocence Boulevard, Strawberry

Two registers to raid in this store here, but the pay is pretty low at about $300. Fortunately the getaway is pretty easy since the cops seem to be on a doughnut break. Hide amongst the alleyways until the police forget about you.

Shop #19 – Limited LTD Gasoline
Location. Grove Street, Davis

Another two registers here will award you 880 dollars. If you try to escape on foot go for the residential areas and jump some fences. Hide in the backyard of a house to dodge the fuzz.

That is all for our GTA V Store heists guidewith tips on what is the best way to rob a store and what are the rewards for the heists.

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