GTA Online Cheats – Money, Replay Missions, Reputation Points

Find out how you can farm money, replay missions and farm reputation points to level up quickly in GTA Online.

Endless possibilities and crazy ideas are the two things that define Grand Theft Auto franchise. And the world of GTA Online is no different.

However; in order to pull off these eccentric ideas, one needs some good amount of money so as to buy vehicles, weapons, armor, etc.

Since the launch of GTA Online; there have been never-ending amount of exploits and glitches on the internet which promise to enhance your gameplay experience. We have tried to breakdown few of the exploits found in GTA Online that will help you rank up and make money fast.

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GTA Online Cheats

Money and Reputation Points
You need a level 45 character to start this mission which is given by Martin Madrazzo. The mission itself is pretty self-explanatory and can be completed with relative ease.

However; for the exploit, you will need four of your friends excluding you. Two of your friends should be above level 19 with Sticky Bombs and the remaining two should be above level 9 with Grenades.

Make sure to check out Witwix’s video to know how to complete this missions by investing in minimum amount of time!

Similarly at Level 75, you can do Rumble Rooftop mission to farm money and reputation points to level up. Watch Witwix’s video for complete walkthrough.

Selling your Car Exploit
Now; before I start, let me tell you that this exploit/glitch only works on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

This glitch basically allows players to sell their car over and over again until they get their desired amount of money. It involves some basic stuff; like getting a car having a value of $15k to $20k.

After getting hold of car; get it to Los Santos Customs Shop and sale your car. Now; once you sale your car, enter the Main Menu and get to Xbox Gaming Store. Wait for a while and then press ‘B’ to come to Online Mode with your car and cash.

Repeat until you get your desired amount of cash.

Note: Since it is a glitch; expect it to get patched somewhere in future!

Unlimited Money
This is a pretty decent way of earning some good amount of cash in GTA Online without putting in much effort! What you need to do is to start GTA 5 story mode and then go to Online Play from the Main Menu. However; make sure that you’re playing the game as ‘Invite Only’.

Once you have done this; go to a Liquor Store and rob the store by pointing your gun at the cashier. You can also kill him to get this much quicker.

Note:Sometimes, the cashier will take out a gun to kill you! If this happens; shoot him and take the money from register.

Anyway, after you loot the store; evade the cops and enter Main Menu and then enter Xbox Store. Wait for a while for the store to load and once it loads; press ‘B’ to exit to your game. Now; if you walk into the same store again, you will find the cashier alive with all the money.

Check out KoolTubeHD’s video for more details on it.

Replaying Mission Exploit
The patch blocked the replay mission option but you can still do it by repeatedly pressing RT just as countdown ends after the mission and mission will re-start.

Make sure you don’t keep it pressed, you basically need to spam the RT button just as the countdown ends after the mission and hopefully, it will restart the mission.

Don’t forget to share more exploits and tricks for GTA 5 and GTA Online by commenting below!

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