GTA 5 Real Estate Signs Locations ‘Extra Commission ‘ Guide – All Real Estate Signs Locations, Where to Find GTA 5 Real Estate Signs

All the for-sale properties in GTA 5 to complete Extra Commission Strangers and Freaks mission. GTA 5 Real Estate Signs Locations of Extra Commissions.

GTA 5 Extra Commissions is one of the first Strangers & Freaks Mission. The following guide will help you with different strategies  You will progress in the main storyline as well as get more XP for your characters. The tips and suggestion we will discuss are based on

Sometimes stealing fast cars and making obscene amounts of money just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to go above and beyond the call of duty and go the distance. Sometimes, you just want to destroy a ‘For Sale’ sign.

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This mission line is part of the Strangers and Freaks series of missions and is started after you complete ‘Hang Ten’.

As Trevor, go to the new ‘?’ icon on the map and find a realtor named Josh who seems to be in a pinch. Josh asks for Trevor’s help in getting back at a rival Realtor named Lenny Avery, who has stolen all of his clients. This guide only covers the first mission he gives you.

The first task Josh assigns you is to destroy all of Lenny’s ‘For Sale’ signs. To assist you in this regard, he sends a link to his website, which features all of his properties as well as a ‘Get Directions’ feature, that automatically creates a waypoint to the property.

GTA 5 Real Estate Signs Locations

  • Playa Vista
  • Cougar Avenue
  • Sam Austin Drive
  • Hampstead Drive
  • Ace Jones Drive
  • Vinewood Hills 1
  • Vinewood Hills 2
  • Vinewood Hills 3
  • Vinewood Hills 4
  • Milton Drive
  • Greenwich Place
  • Abe Milton Parkway
  • Vine Drive
  • Eclipse
  • Marlowe Drive

When you find a sign, you can destroy it pretty easily, all you need to do is shoot it or something (most destructive actions work, you can even try to run it over).

If you still can’t find these for-sale signs, comment and we will try to help you out! GTA V is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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