GTA 5 Assassination Missions Walkthrough Guide – How To

How to complete all the assassination missions of GTA 5. Complete walkthrough to do all five assassination missions in the game.

After you complete the ‘Fame or Shame’ mission in GTA 5, switch over to Franklin to receive a phone call from Lester. He talks to the gang banger about extra-curricular activities that you might be interested in.

This is the introduction to the assassination missions.

If you find yourself strapped for cash, you might want to try these out as they tend to have very good payouts ranging anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars each.

Since they’re assassination mission you know what the gist of each one is going to be; go somewhere scope out or wait for a target, pop them, get out of dodge.

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Assassination Mission #1 – Hotel Assassination
In the phone call with Lester, you are asked to get to the Del Perro Pier. Just follow the big ‘L’ on the map to get there. You’ll meet up with Lester on a bench where he will debrief you on the hit.

Get to the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Richman (make sure to have a sniper rifle with suppressor and enhanced scope) and you’ll trigger a scene where an SUV pulls up to the hotel drive and waits to pick up the target.

Brett Lowry will appear about 90 seconds after the SUV arrives, so you only have that much time to get into position. Find a good vantage point overlooking the hotel entrance (the nearby parking garage is a good choice) and wait.

Use the sniper rifle to pop him and you should also get the Sniper Kill bonus.

Assassination Mission #2 – The Multi-Target Assassination
For this mission you also need to have the ‘Merryweather Heist’ completed. If you do not, then this mission will not appear on the map. If you do have the icon head to it to find a payphone near a car wash. Approach to trigger a briefing.

Apparently you need to take care of a couple of jurors this time. You only have 9 minutes to wipe out all of the targets so you want to move fast. Drive to the first target, when Lester gives you the details.

Don’t bother to get out of the car, instead just shoot him down from the window and drive off to the next target. Make sure he’s dead though, because if you miss he’s going to run for it and you’ll have to chase him down.

The next one can be a bit difficult if you don’t have a good rifle with an advanced scope. This target is on a Yacht on the ocean. Drive to the area as quickly as you can. Don’t hesitate to use the special ability to avoid accidents that can cost precious time.

Pop him with a good shot and move on.

The next target is in West Vinewood and Lester gives you the hint ‘Look for dirty windows’. The target is a window washer, and is out in the open, hanging off the side of a building on a window washer platform. Pop him.

The last one can be tough as this juror is on the move on a bike. Fortunately its easy to hit a target on a bike with a drive-by. Alternatively you can knock him loose with a car and run him over before he gets up.

Assassination Mission #3 – The Vice Assassination
This one shows up after you finish ‘I Fought the Law…’ Lester will ask you to tail a hooker and try to find a man named Skinner who is the new target. Follow her around and wait for her to get into a car.

She actually talks to several drivers but won’t get into the car. When she does actually do it, use the sniper rifle to nail Skinner in the head before they can get away. Then just drive off.

Assassination Mission #4 – The Bus Assassination
This one shows up shortly after the last assassination, you don’t need to complete any other missions to unlock it. For this you need to target a man named Isaac Penny, and to do so you need to hijack the bus that he goes to work on.

Follow the blue bus route to find it at the Dashound Bus Center and take control. Drive the bus as normal, since Isaac hasn’t come aboard yet, following the yellow bus route froms top to stop. Isaac hops on, but immediately gets off when Franklin tries to charge him too much.

He steal a bike and pedals off, but you can pretty easily catch up to him and run him over. That’ll teach him to play chicken in a bike versus a bus matchup.
You’ll get a wanted level, but you wouldn’t have been playing this game for very long if you didn’t know how to take care of that.

Assassination Mission #5 – The Construction Assassination
This last mission also does not have any prerequisite other than the last assassination. This target is a former mob boss who’s been alerted that his life is in danger, and is surrounded by his goons.

Don’t go in through the main entrance, instead go around the back in a car, and head into the site. Head for the orange elevator at the top of a ramp and use it to go halfway up the building.

Battle your way across to the other side to access the lift that will take you the rest of the way up to the roof.

Bonelli will reach the chopper before you get there, so throw everything you have at it. You can nail Bonelli in the passenger seat but you get bonus points for shooting down the chopper.

You can continue the firefight with the rest of the thugs or you can just snatch up one of the nearby parachutes and jump off the building to end the mission.

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