GTA 5 Easter Eggs, References and Secrets Guide

All the GTA 5 easter eggs, pop-culture references and secrets at one place.

I can’t stress more on the size of GTA 5. The game has certainly delivered what it promised! In addition to hundreds of things that players are able to do in the game; there are a number of Easter Eggs that can be found throughout the world of GTA 5.

These Easter Eggs have always been an integral part of the whole GTA franchise and add a lot to fun factor to the game. After putting in a lot hours into the game; we’ve discovered a handful of Easter Eggs.

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GTA 5 Easter Eggs, References and Secrets

Some Old Friends

Some of your old friends from previous GTA installment have came back in GTA 5. For instance, you will find Brucie Kibbutz on Bleeper which is kind of Twitter of GTA 5. Furthermore, you will also meet Packie McReary who will join your crew if you help him.

Drive – The Movie

Go inside any discounted shop and get to the jackets section. You will see a black and white jacket with a golden crab embossed crab in the back which looks exactly like Ryan Goslings character’s Jacket in the movie Drive.

Secret Messages

This Easter Egg is only related to the GTA 5 special edition map. You will need a UV light in order to see it. Doing this will reveal a set of all available Easter Eggs on the map.

L.A. Noire

The construction company in L.A. Noire known as Elysian Fields Co. is also in GTA V which is an obvious reference to L.A. Noire.

UFO Easter Egg

Woah! There are aliens in GTA 5. Dive deep into the waters in the northern region of the map; only to discover an alien UFO sunken in the water. A clear alien reference!

No Country for the Old Men

You will come across gunfight between two disputed groups near the military base in a desert which is a clear indication at no country for old men, by Cormac McCarthy.

Grove Street

It’s been a long time since GTA San Andreas and Rockstar games certainly realize this so this Easter Egg is kind of welcome note by them. It is basically these words sprayed on a wall:

“Welcome back! We missed you last time.”

Max Payne 3

While visiting the Suburban store, you will find a tropico shirt exactly like the one Max Payne wore in Max Payne 3.

Along with this, Michael looks exactly like Max at the beginning of the game in his grey suit.

Escalera Car Rentals

You will come across a vehicle renting store called Escalera Car Rentals which indicates at the town of Escalera in Red Dead Redemption by the same developers.

Adult Jokes

There is a store in the game called Liqour Ace. Try saying it and you will know it somewhat sounds like ‘Lick her Ass’.


While roaming the docks section, you will come across a man named ‘Jesse’. He will babble about life and will have a long and brown beard; somewhat like Jesus Christ.

Halo and Superman

You will see a small action figure of Master Chief and Superman in L’s house.

Jurrasic Park

While traveling around the city in a taxi. Ask the driver to speed up the car and he will respond to you by saying:

“Hold on to your Butt!”

Saints Row

At some point or other; you will come across some people in Los Santos saying:

“City of Saints gonna struggle, Los Santos in ain’t no trouble.”

Pretty obvious reference!

Star Trek

Go to the Skate Park in Sandy Shores and you will notice the words sprayed on a ramp:

“Beam Me Up!”

Ghosts in Mt. Gordo

In order to see find this Easter Egg, you will have to get to the area between 23:00 and 00:00. While wandering through the area; you will come across a ghost of a woman in white standing on a edge of a mountain. If you get too close to her; she will disappear. If you notice the location carefully; the rock on which she would be standing has ‘Jock’ written in blood.

Big Foot

During the mission where you have to take out O’Neil Brothers before they escape, you will get a glimpse of Big Foot behind a tree.

Dead Island

You will stumble upon a billboard saying Rehab Island; the logo of which is exactly identical to Dead Island logo.


This Easter Egg is random and can appear in the any part of the ocean. While swimming deep in the ocean; you will come across a shark who will not hesitate a little in ripping you apart from limb to limb.

This also unlocks an achievement whose description reads:

“You needed a bigger boat.. Or any boat.”

Niko Bellic

You will see Michael’s son surfing a website on his laptop with Niko Bellic’s picture in the top-left corner of the screen.

OG Loc

Go to Franklin’s bedroom and you will find a record of OG Loc from San Andreas.

Frozen Alien

During the prologue mission; in order to escape the cops, you need to cross a train to get on the other side. However, if you drop down the bridge, you will see an alien’s body buried in the ice.

Playboy Mansion

Amongst the large mansions in the Hollywood area; you will come across a large house with pink lights glowing outside it. If you get into the house; you will instantly recognize it as the Playboy Mansion. Visit it twice or thrice and you will see that there are always some parties going on in there!

Courage Wolf

Get to the Trevor’s trailer in Sandy Shores and you will find the banner of a popular internet meme, ‘Courage Wolf.’ Shout-out to Sasori Nagashi for finding it out!


Deep into the ocean in the Eastern part of the map; you will see a shining bright hatch in the water which is an obvious reference to the LOST series. Note that, we won’t advise you to try to reach it as it will kill your character.

Heat – The Movie

The heist in which you need to take the secure truck by hitting it with the tow truck is an obvious reference to the movie; Heat.

Rockstar’s Unannounced Game

During a mission, you will get to drive a car in which you will have to drive a car with the number plate, 463NT which is a hint at the Rockstar’s upcoming unannounced game; Agent.

Girl From GTA San Andreas

If you go into the bar where Trevor can play Darts and look at the bank notes at the back of the counter, you will see the woman from GTA San Andreas loading screen on these notes.


You will see a friendly zombie standing outside a cinema in West Vinewood. You can kill him but his dialogues are interesting!


During a heist, Michael and Trevor are dressed up exactly in the same manner as in the CHIPS – TV Show.

Dark Souls

During the Yoga classes with Michael and his wife, an objective is, ‘Praise the Sun!’ which is an obvious reference to Knight Solaire and Warrior of Sunlight.

Fast and the Furious

During the last mission, Lamar’s car has the number plate reading, ‘FAST66’.

The Big Lebowski

At different occasions, if you kill an enemy while playing as Trevor; he will yell a line from the movie:

“You’re out of your element.”

Zombix from Dead Rising

Listen to the radio and you may hear Weazle will be talking about some kind of medications. Among these medicines, one will be called as Zombrix. A Dead Rising reference.

Lethal Weapons 2

During a mission, Michael and Franklin use the Trade UTE to bring a house down just the way Riggs did in Lethal Weapons 2.

GTA 2 and GTA 3

In a mission, your character will get to drive a car named Z-Type. These cars were used a luxury cars in GTA 2 and GTA 3.

Batman: The Dark Knight

During the Blitz Play, Trevor will say:

“At least we’re not dressed like Clowns.”

This clearly hints at the Joker and his crew members from Batman: The Dark Knight.

A Bug’s Life

If you choose to do the first heist in the stealthy way; you will get the van with ‘A Bug’s Death’ written on it.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Reference

While fighting a bunch of clowns during the Barry mission, the music in the background will be from the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Clown scene.

We’ll keep on updating this post with more Easter Eggs. In the meanwhile, have you come across any Easter Eggs that you would like to share with us?

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