Horizon Zero Dawn Grazer Training Dummy Locations Guide

Finding all Horizon Zero Dawn Grazer training dummy locations will get you “Downed 23 Grazer dummies." trophy/achievement for the game

Horizon Zero Dawn is out now on PlayStation 4 and is getting stellar reviews across the board. It offers a range of different activities to do which makes it a massive game. Combat is the main attraction here and for combat, you may want to check out Grazer Training Dummy locations.

The entire maps has Grazer training dummies spread throughout. Often you will come across Grazer and there are 23 in total.  Pretty much all of these Grazer training dummies are in the Nora region so make sure you don’t stray away from this location of the map. However, there are 7 dummies Outside of Rost’s house

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Finding all Horizon Zero Dawn Grazer training dummy locations will get you “Downed 23 Grazer dummies.”

Horizon Zero Dawn Grazer Training Dummy Locations

There are a total of 7 outside of Aloy and Rost’s house. Search the area that introduces you to combat tutorials. You will find two at the north of the bonfire, three are by the gate to the south of the bonfire, one is right in front of the house and one on a ledge you have to drop down to the north of the house.

After you are done finding the grazer dummies outside of Aloy and Rost’s house, search out for the rest.

Next to the Mother’s Heart that you find East-northeast from Rost and Aloy’s house, grazer dummy is south of the bonfire and one more is behind the house to the northeast of the bonfire.

Find Mother’s Watch, that is south-southeast from Rost and Aloy’s house and find two grazer dummies between the bonfire and the merchant and the walls of the settlement.

Now go east from Mother’s Watch to Mother’s Cradle and you will find two dummies. One is in the southeast corner of the settlement behind a house and the second one is outside the settlement, after the road forks.

Find Mother’s Rise that is to the east of Mother’s Heart and find one dummy on the cliffs behind the bonfire to the west and the second dummy on the north side of the settlement over by some meat-smoking racks.

In the Nora Hunting Grounds that are southeast of Mother’s Rise, you will find two dummies on the south side of the house there.

Go to the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp to find a dummy inside the gate on the southeast corner of the camp

To the west-northwest of Devil’s Thirst is the Mother’s Crown where you find two dummies inside the gate in the northwest corner of the settlement.

Go to Hunter’s Gathering settlement and find the first dummy to the northwest of the bonfire and the second one is behind the tents and the merchant.

Go inside the Two-Teeth level 9 bandit camp and follow the road west from Hunter’s Gathering. You will find a dummy in the corner of the camp.

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