How To Get Eternal Snowflake In Granblue Fantasy Relink

These Epic Rarity items will require you to progress to the endgame.

The Eternal Snowflake is an Epic rarity item in Granblue Fantasy Relink that can help you with many things, including upgrading weapons, trading, unlocking the maximum level of a sigil, and awakening weapons. The most important use of this item is completing a quest that grants you “Azurite Splendor.”

The “Azurite Splendor” will help you max out one of your sigils in Granblue Fantasy Relink. However, only a few quests reward this item. If you have no idea about them, don’t worry—we will list all of them.

Not all quests in both Folca and Seedhollow regions will give you an Eternal Snowflake. Only a few quests from the Extreme to Proud difficulty will grant you this item. At extreme quest difficulty, the following are quests that can reward you with this item:

  • General Investigation: Gallanza
  • Saga Illustrated: The Beginning
  • Wings of Rime

The extreme difficulty quests are recommended as you can AFK farm them and let the AI farm the Eternal Snowflakes for you in GBF Relink. In addition to these quests, you must complete the following Maniac and Proud difficulty quests to get Eternal Snowflake in Granblue Fantasy Relink along with other rare items like Refinium.

  • Hallowed by thy Ground
  • Throw a Smith a Bone
  • A Quest of Frost and Storm
  • Saga Illustrated: Crystal
  • Banquet of Ice and Corpses
  • The Saga Continues: Silver
  • Armor is the Best Served Cold
  • Worst Vacation Ever
  • Serenity Upon the Mount
  • Frigid Trial
  • Icy Eye on the Holy Prize

Once you have completed some of these quests, collected at least x80 Eternal Snowflakes, and have x80 Disast Ore, you must complete the “A Curious Charm” quest. Head to Folca and there talk to the “Anxious Singer” again and give her both the items listed above.


Despite being an Epic rarity item, you can find Eternal Snowflake quite easily in Granblue Fantasy Relink by doing the quests mentioned above. So once you have surplus of it, trade them for Knickknack Vouchers to improve your Sigils.

You can find her behind Siero’s Shop. This will reward you with the “Azurite Splendor” and “x3 Silver Centrums.” The Silver Centrum is an essential item for fully awakening your weapons after unlocking the max level cap.

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