Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Vane Build

To make Vane build even tankier in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you should choose the skills and sigils that buff up Vane's defense abilities.

Vane in Granblue Fantasy Relink is one of the best tank characters that can protect your entire party. If you go with the right build, you can boost the protection duration even further. With a high-level Vane, even the most formidable foes will become a joke to your teams.

Vane is not just a defensive character; you can use him to do a lot of damage to enemies. He has some basic attack combos that you can repeat along with other attacks to fill Vane’s beatdown gauge. Once the gauge is filled, Vane can make a powerful combo attack that will take out a significant portion of the enemy’s health.


The heavy attack performed by consuming Beatdown Gauge also blocks incoming damage, so make sure to perform Vane’s combos and keep his Beatdown Gauge topped up.

Here, you will find all the Skills, Sigils, and Weapons that can help you make Vane even tankier in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Best Vane Skills

  • Breakthrough
  • Drachenstolz
  • Soul Eruption
  • Rampart
  • Arm Destruction

The first skill we recommend for Vane is Breakthrough. It boosts his attack by 30% and grants Hostility. Hostility is sort of like a taunt and will make enemies focus their attacks on Vane instead of other party members. Vane can easily withstand their attacks while the rest of the team can focus on taking out the enemies.

To boost defense capabilities even further, you should choose the Drachenstolz skill. This self-buff skill increases Attack and defense while also granting Guts. With Guts, Vane can survive death blows with 1HP.

When Vane is below 30% HP, you can use the Soul Eruption skill to restore yourself to full HP and remove any debuff. Not only that, but you will also get a boost in attack and defense. With this skill, Vane can survive most attacks in GBF Relink, and you will not even need a healer on the team.

The Rampart skill of Vane allows you to place down the shield and protect anyone standing inside it. This skill helps you a lot to survive boss AoE attacks.

If you like to go solo with Vane in Granblue Fantasy Relink, having the Arm Destruction skill for Vane’s tank build is a great option. This is a shockwave attack that can stun targets and even break their parts.

Best Weapon for Vane

As Vane is mainly a tank, the weapon won’t matter a lot. That being said, you can’t go into battle empty-handed so we do have a recommendation for you. If you don’t have the Terminus weapon for Vane in Granblue Fantasy Relink, we recommend the Treuer Krieger as the best weapon for his tank build. This will increase the attack power further and help you a bit in battles against enemies.

Best Vane Sigils

  • DMG Cap
  • Combo Finisher V
  • Life on the line
  • Provoke         
  • Stun Power V
  • Overdrive Assassin

The DMG Cap sigils are our priority for the Vane build in Granblue Fantasy Relink because if you don’t choose this, you will easily hit the attack damage cap. In the endgame, especially when you have all the masteries and max-out weapons, hitting the damage cap is too easy, so you will need a sigil that increases that cap.

Vane’s gameplay is mostly about hitting the combo finishers, so you will need sigils that boost the power of those finishers. You can boost the attack power further with the Life on the Line Sigil, but healing from allies won’t restore your health. As Vane has enough skills to heal himself, you can go with this sigil for added attack power.

You can pair your sigil with Provoke, which will also make enemies target you more than your allies. If you are using the Arm Destruction skill, then the Stun Power V sigil is best for breaking the enemy’s parts.

You are already great at defense, so a sigil like Overdrive Assassin is a must to boost the damage. Even at level 11, you can deal 54% more damage.

Best Party Composition

The best party composition for Vane in GBF Relink requires you to have the following characters on the team:

  • Rosetta
  • Charlotta
  • Jay

The main reason for choosing these characters is that they offer a damage-cut effect (damage reduction), which allows you to become completely immortal by reaching 100% damage cut.

To do this, the Vane’s sigil Hero’s Creed will help you a lot and provide a 20% damage cut if you do a combo finisher. Next, Charlotta’s skill Konigsschild will grant you a 50% damage cut. To cover up the remaining 30%, you can use Rosetta’s Rose Barrier skill, which will provide you with a damage cut of 10-40%, depending on the rose levels.

Finally, Jay’s Phalanx skill can grant you 40 to 70% damage based on the Arts level. All these skills’ cooldown time is pretty short, so even the AI can spam them. Together with these, you will have an invincible team composition for Vane in Granblue fantasy Relink.

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