Granblue Fantasy Relink: Best Characters For Solo Play

Best Solo Characters to give a tough time to any opponent in GBF Relink.

You can either go Solo or team up with three other players in Granblue Fantasy Relink. While most of the game content is designed with the team of four in mind, you can still choose to go solo if you think the quest is too easy.

Playing GBF Relink solo also allows you to progress at your own pace and try different strategies. If you want to go solo, knowing about the best solo characters is a must to progress smoothly. Below, you will find the top 5 solo characters that can deal a ton of damage and stay on the battlefield for longer in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

5. Lancelot

Lancelot is at the fifth spot in our best solo character rankings for Granblue Fantasy Relink. We picked Lancelot because of his skill, Kaltzwinger. It is an extremely powerful skill that can inflict a Glaciate status effect. Lancelot can deal damage much more quickly than some other characters, so its DPS over time is quite good.

To survive the Solo gameplay, Lancelot also has an important skill called Luftspiegelung. This skill grants Lancelot a mirror image, making him completely invincible. The Blauer Dolch is also a great skill that grants Lancelot supplementary damage and makes him one of the best DPS characters.

4. Narmaya

Narmaya is one of the best characters when playing solo in Granblue Fantasy Relink. She is known for her consistent, high-speed damage to enemies. Because of her high speed, Narmaya is great at parrying enemies’ attacks and switching between attacks.

You can use her “Butterfly Effect” skill to deal good damage to the bosses alone. Another fantastic skill that can help you in solo play is “Dance of Pink Petals.” This will boost Narmaya’s ATK stat, Stout Heart, and Supplementary Damage.

3. Eugen

If you are looking for a tremendous Solo character to face a specific type of enemy like the Proto Bahamut, then you can opt for Eugen. He is an excellent pick if you still want Terminus Weapon in GBF Relink.

One of his skills is Paralyzing Bullet, which can debuff enemies by paralyzing them. This will prevent enemies from moving much while you can deal some handsome damage. Moreover, he can target enemies at range more effectively than some other characters.

2. Vane

Vane is another great character that you can go for if playing solo. He has some fantastic healing skills that allow him to stay alive longer. He can even survive the attacks with just one HP because of the skills like the “Drachestolz.”

You can continue to attack with Vane, which will fill up his Beatdown gauge. Once the gauge is filled, Vane will unleash some really fast, high DPS swings that can take away a lot of enemies’ HP. In short, Vane will become more dangerous while attacking and deal even more damage afterward.

1. Rackam

We believe Rackam is the most robust solo character you should choose in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Although his charge Triangle attack is bugged, he is still the best when it comes to damage capabilities, safety, and mobility.

His Automatic Rifles and pistols are great for high DPS at both close and long ranges. As you deal with more damage from Reckam, you will continue to fill up his heat gauge. Once the gauge is filled, you can do even more damage with the “Bluusete Blast” attack.

You can get even more boost in the attack and critical hit rate because of Reckam’s “Wild Gunsmoke” skill in GBF Relink. All these and other skills make Reckam the best solo character you can have in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

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