Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Rosetta Build

This Rosetta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink will allow you to deal a lot of damage because of the skills, sigils, and weapons we use.

Most players think Rosetta in Granblue Fantasy Relink is a good fit only for the support role. However, if you build up Rosetta properly, she can become one of the most powerful and versatile characters in the game, suitable for all sorts of situations.

Rosetta’s most basic attack in GBF Relink, placing rose plants in the area, is a great way to start damaging the enemies. You can even throw them on enemies, and right after they are placed, they will start attacking the enemies in their range.

Their range is indicated by green circles that increase or decrease based on the rose plant’s level. To significantly increase the damage, you should go for the maximum number of three roses at a time.

After planting these, you will need to ensure enemies are in their range because if no one is in the range, they will despawn after some time. Besides these, Rosetta’s other basic attacks can also deal some good damage and provide some party-wide buffs in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

The combo finishers will apply the party’s defense, attack, and regen buffs. Yellow circles mean the roses are applying the defense buff, blue signifies the passive health regen, and purple means the roses are applying the attack buff.

Now that you know many basic details about Rosetta, let’s discuss her best skills, sigils, weapons, combos, and overall optimizations to help you create a robust build for Rosetta in GBF Relink.

Best Rosetta Skills

  • Rose Tycoon
  • Bouquet
  • Sillage
  • Spiral Rose
  • Lost Love

The Rose Tycoon is the most important skill in the Rosetta’s arsenal. It allows you to move all the planted roses toward the target, which means all the roses will focus the attacks on the target you want to deal a lot of damage to.

This skill will also poison the enemies, but you should not use it if you haven’t planted any roses yet. Always use it after planting three roses to benefit most from this endgame Rosetta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

The second skill we recommend for Rosetta is Bouquet. It is a great skill for you and the whole party. It plants all three roses before Rosetta to heal allies and cleanse them of debuff. This skill also increases the level of all rose plants by one, which means they will deal more damage in a larger area. This can make Rosetta a very powerful support character in GBF Relink.

To get out of any dangerous situation quickly, you should go for the Sillage skill. This will also plant a rose while dodging away, so it pairs pretty well with the skills we selected above.

The main damaging skill Rosetta has is Spiral Rose, which hits enemies with vines that come out of you and roses, damaging them multiple times.

Lastly, you can use the Lost Love skill to deal a lot of damage by exploding the roses. This skill will not just explode roses but plant new roses where the roses that explode were. You can again use the first skill, “Rose Tycoon,” to target another enemy and eventually take him out.

Best Weapon for Rosetta

The Primal Dagger of Bagamut Coda is the best weapon for the Rosetta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink. It can deal a lot of damage and shatter the enemies’ defenses. However, you may not have this terminus weapon.

Don’t worry, as the Rose Crystal Knife is a good alternative because of the critical hit rate and damage it can cause.

Best Rosetta Sigils

  • Rose’s Blooming
  • Damage Cap
  • Tyranny
  • Supplementary Damage
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • War Elemental

As we are focusing a lot on roses and the damage they can deal, you will need the Rose’s Blooming sigil to decrease the attack interval of your roses by 30%. This will significantly boost your damage output.

Other than this, you can use the Damage Cap sigils for boosted DMG Cap, quick cooldown, improved dodge, and Potion Hoarder.

We recommend you use a couple of Tyranny sigils for this Rosetta build in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

These will come with Quick Cooldown, Aegis, and Tyranny, which can raise your attack by lowering max HP. Together with the Supplementary damage sigil, they will allow you to deal additional damage and fulfill the role of a damage dealer instead of a supporter.

Sigils like Critical Hit are also good for increasing the chances of dealing with a critical hit and boosting an attack, depending on your health. We also decided to select the War Elemental Sigil so all of Rosetta’s attacks can have an elemental advantage against enemies.

Best AI Party Composition for Rosetta

As we have made Rosetta more of a damage dealer than a supporting character in GBF Relink, we recommend you go with the following other AI characters in your party:

  • Narmaya
  • Rackam
  • Cagliostro

While Rosetta will be dealing damage to the enemies, the debuffing enemies ability of the Caglistro will make enemies more vulnerable, which means Rosetta, along with the Narmaya, can deal a lot of damage. Narmaya also has abilities that can heal the entire party, so she will serve as a supporting character.

Most of Rosetta’s attacks are melee and do AoE damage, so you will need a character like Rackam to handle the range encounters.

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