God Of War: Ragnarok Runic Attack Locations

The following guide will tell you how to get all God of War: Ragnarok runic attacks across all of the realms.

Kratos has a total of three different weapons in his possession in God of War Ragnarok that have their own different light and heavy runic attacks.

These special attacks allow Kratos to comb through the hordes of enemies, helping him in battle upon use. However, runic attacks are not unlocked but are rather found throughout the different realms.

The heavy runic attacks are the most powerful abilities you can slot into your weapons. The light runic attacks, on the other hand, are equally powerful but are more attuned to set up follow-up attacks.

You can do a heavy runic attack by holding L1 and tapping R2. To do a light runic attack, you hold L1 but tap R1.

The following guide will tell you how to get all runic attacks across all realms in God of War: Ragnarok.

Leviathan Axe light runic attacks

Light Runic Attack (Axe)RealmLocationSource
Winter’s BiteMidgardLower WildwoodsDefeat the Huntress
Njord’s TempestSvartalfheimAlthjof’s RigLegendary Chest in the area hidden behind two barrels
Skadi’s EdgeAlfheimThe StrondLegendary Chest in the cave hidden behind a pile of debris
Wrath of the Frost AncientVanaheimThe Southern WildsLegendary Chest near the tree to the left of the Abandoned Area
Hel’s TouchAlfheimThe Forbidden SandsLegendary Chest on the hidden elevated platform in the combat room, located in the Burrows 

Leviathan Axe heavy runic attacks

Heavy Runic Attack (Axe)RealmLocationSource
Breath of ThamurNiflheimThe Raven TreeLegendary Chest after killing 28x Ravens
Fog of FimbulwinterSvartalfheimMyrkr TunnelsLegendary Chest behind the gate blocked by the red vines
Ivaldi’s AnvilMidgardThe Derelict OutpostLegendary Chest on the other end of the gap, accessed via a crane
Leviathan’s RoarVanaheimFreyr’s CampLegendary Chest in the area up the wall next to the brazier – on the path leading right blocked by the Forest Ancient
Mists of HelheimVanaheimCliffside RuinsLegendary Chest at the end of the second cave – accessed after clearing the bright cave

Blades of Chaos light runic attacks

Light Runic Attack (Blades)RealmLocationSource
Cyclone of ChaosMidgardRaider StrongholdLegendary Chest at the back of the Raider Stronghold, northwest of Tyr’s Temple
Rampage of the FuriesVanaheimVanir ShrineLegendary Chest in the room with the chained bridge after destroying the target hidden behind the vines below
Helios FlareVanaheimAbandoned VillageLegendary Chest on a platform that can be reached by spinning the crane to reveal the grappling point
Hades RetributionAlfheimTemple of LightLegendary Chest two platforms down from the left of the stairs
Flames of AnguishSvartalfheimThe ForgeDefeat Dreki (first encounter)

Blades of Chaos heavy runic attacks

Heavy Runic Attack (Blades)RealmLocationSource
Atlas EruptionSvartalfheimThe ForgeLegendary Chest at the bottom of the cliff – accessed via the geyser elevators to the right of the Forge doors 
Meteoric SlamNiflheimThe Raven TreeLegendary Chest after killing 38x Ravens
Nemean CrushAlfheimThe Forbidden SandsLegendary Chest in the Burrows area – specifically the one blocked by Hafgufa’s bindings
Tame the BeastHelheimThe Gleaming BaleLegendary Chest on the other end of the broken bridge in the Reunion main quest 
Tartarus RageMidgardRaider HideoutLegendary Chest at the right end of the Raider’s Hideout

Draupnir Spear light runic attacks

Light Runic Attack (Spear)RealmLocationSource
Huldra ChargeSvartalfheimSindri’s HouseForging Destiny quest
Whisper of the WorldVanaheimThe JungleLegendary Chest left of the Jungle entrance beach, across a couple of grappling points
Mountain SplitterSvartalfheimNidavellirSpirit of Rebellion favor
Thrust of a Thousand SoldiersHelheimShipyard of the FallenLegendary Chest at the other end of the gate guarded by the Hel-Traveler in the alcove

Draupnir Spear heavy runic attacks

Heavy Runic Attack (Spear)RealmLocationSource
Artillery of the AncientsVanaheimFrey’s CampDefeat Dreki (second encounter)
Honor the FallenVanaheimThe PlainsLegendary Chest to the right of the Birgit Mystic Gateway – right behind some boulders.
The Finger of RuinNiflheimThe Raven TreeLegendary Chest after killing 48x Ravens
Vindsvalr’s WindstormMuspelheimBurning CliffsDefeat Flame Phantom

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