God of War Path to Mountain Walkthrough Guide – Wildwoods, Meeting Brok, River Pass, Lake of the Nine

God of War Path to Mountain Walkthrough, we guide you step by step on how you can clear the second chapter of the epic God of War main story or The Journey.

In this God of War Path to Mountain Walkthrough, we will guide you step by step on how you can clear the second chapter of the epic God of War main story or The Journey. Below you will find solutions to all puzzles in the chapter, locations of enemy encounters and which are the mini-bosses and the chapter end boss of the second chapter Path to Mountain Walkthrough.

We would like to mention here that this walkthrough would strictly focus on the main story progression. There are many collectibles, hidden chambers, and chests found in each chapter but we have different guides especially focusing on each of these collectibles and side missions. You can visit our site and check out all other guides related to God of War posted there.

God of War Path to Mountain Walkthrough

The real journey of Kratos and Atreus starts with this chapter as they plan to leave their home behind and start their trek towards the big mountain. After you drop down in the canyon that formed after the previous boss battle, Atreus will follow you. Keep following the path. You will have to do some climbing and jumping to pass some areas here. When you reach the tall cliff with yellow markings, climb it and follow some more ledges.

Edge of Wildwoods

The ledges will eventually take you under a waterfall and the next jumpable area. Once you have jumped across the falls, you will enter a tunnel with some wooden panels for the floor. Atreus will point to an area where he can jump. Boost him up there and then head towards the crank wheel nearby and spin it to make way for Atreus. The bridge will lower and Atreus will cross it. Now you must throw your axe at the gearwheel to freeze it otherwise you will not be able to cross it.

Once the gearwheel is frozen, let go of the crank wheel and tell Atreus to throw down the chain using Square button. Atreus will throw down the chain and you can climb up to him. Use the bridge to cross the gap. For the next area, you must do some climbing up. Look for cliffs and ledges and press circle to jump up to them. Keep climbing until you end up in an area where Kratos and Atreus look down in the valley. After the cutscene ends, continue down the path.

Climb the wooden platform and continue down the path and you will arrive at a cave with a narrow passage. Cross the narrow passage to in a clearing and Wildwood’s Edge. Here you will have to defeat some more Draugrs. This time some ranged Draugrs will join the fight and you must use the shield to protect yourself from their projectiles. Clear the area to continue up the path.

Once you want to move ahead, climb the path near the blue markings stone and head on. UP ahead you will come across another Hel-Reaver. Use your fists and shields to defeat it quickly. Once it is down, continue following the path in the ravine. You will reach a fallen rock pillar where Atreus runs to a bridge only to fall down in the ruins below when it is broken down.

Escaping the Ruins

Both Kratos and Atreus are now down in the ruins where some Draugrs are present but they appear to be stunned. Some of these Draugrs will suddenly come to life and will attack you. Defeat them all until you manage to clear the arena of all Draugrs. Once all Draugrs are dead, head to the pillar on the wall and tell Atreus to read it. As soon as he finished reading, some Heavy Draugrs will invade the place.

Now you need to defeat all the Heavy Draugrs that spawn in the arena. Some normal Draugrs will accompany them as well. Use dodge as much as possible here to succeed. Once all enemies are defeated, head to the opening where the Heavy Draugrs came from and climb your way out of the arena. During the climb, you will start hearing someone singing in the distance. Jump down in the area next to the wall and head towards the bridge up ahead.

Cross the bridge to come face to face with a revenant. Now you must fight and defeat the revenant. Stay away from its poison attacks and you should be fine. Defeat the Revenant to continue on the path ahead. Use the door to exit the area and cross the gap ahead. Jump to the struts on the wall and start climbing up. When you are at the top, Atreus will let you know of the exit where you need to go.

Go ahead and jump across the broken bridge and turn instantly right before jumping down to the area up on the right with the chest in it. You will see a raised drawbridge that you need to lower. Find the two gears on each side and hit them with your axe to lower the bridge. Once the bridge is down, head to the right side area to cross the bridge. In the next area, you will come across another Hel-Reaver. Use your fists and shield to defeat it.

Up ahead when you reach another raised drawbridge, you will come across another Revenant but this time it will be coupled with Heavy Draugrs, normal Draugrs as well as some Ranged Draugrs. This will be a tough fight but once the area is clear of all the enemies you need to lower the drawbridge. Use the crank wheel near the bridge to lower it but do not go all the way, when the two bridge segments are almost touching, check below the bridge to find the gearwheel that you must freeze.

Keep it in the open area so that you can throw your axe at it to break it and form the bridge. Now you can cross the bridge easily. Follow the path until you arrive at a closed-door full of corpses. Enter the door with Atreus only to be ambushed by some meat thirsty Reavers. Defeat them to enter the second stage of the battle where the fallen Reavers turn into Hel-Reavers. Defeat them and send Atreus up the yellow marked platform near the fallen pillar one.

To keep Atreus in the game, you will be required to press Square for a few times until he throws the chain down for you. Climb up the chains and you will finally outside the ruins. Head towards the bridge where you can hear someone chatting loudly. Atreus will run up ahead to see who it is.

Meeting Brok

Moving towards the bridge will trigger a cutscene where you first meet with Brok, a dwarf who knows about your Leviathan Axe and offers to upgrade it. Before that, you will have to help his Beast of Burden cross the bridge. When Atreus points out that the beast is afraid of something up ahead, throw your axe at the white tree trunk to scare away whatever is spooking the Beast of Burden. Once done, the beast of Burden will get up and cross the bridge and allow Brok to show you his wares at his shop.

Here, you will need to upgrade your Leviathan Axe and the Talon Bow. Look for other gear updates if you want as well. Once the upgrades are complete, some Draugrs here will ambush you. Kill the Heavy Draugr with the Ranged Draugrs to move on in the game. Once the area is clear, you must continue down the path towards the mountain. Pull the chain to raise the gate and enter after freezing the gearwheel above the wheel with your axe.

The Spike Trap Cavern

When you enter through this door, you will arrive at the Spike Trap Cavern. Continue down the path until you reach a spiked door. The top right of this door is free of spikes. Hit this area with your axe to open the spiked doors. Go through the open door and use the same technique on all following spiked doors that you come across. Up ahead you will eventually reach an area where the roof is covered with a spike trap.

Here you must first hit the spinner with the wooded side with your axe until the trap has been lifted completely. Once the trap has been lifted completely, throw your axe quickly to the gearwheel below it so that it is frozen in place. Use the plank to jump across and reach the other end of the arena. Here some Draugrs will spawn and you will have to fight them. You need to finish all Draugrs and call the Axe back and then quickly hit the next set of spinner near to keep the roof high.

This is the tricky part. You will need to open a spiked door by hitting it with your axe while making sure the spiked roof does not crush you. To make it easier, hit the door two times in a row with the axe and then go for the spinner to keep the roof at bay. Hit with R2 for a much beefy through each time. Once the spiked door is a door, Kratos will call Atreus and they both can cross the area.

River Pass

Once you are out of the Spike Trap Cavern, you will find yourself out in the wilds again. Follow Atreus down the path until you arrive at a giant round door with two statues on each side. Go to the sand bowl and let Atreus read it out. Once he is done, head to the left side and climb two small cliffs and then reach the yellow triangle machine that you can spin.

Interact with it once to make the door start spinning. You can see each disc’s wheelgear in three gaps on them. You need to align the symbol correctly on the complete disc by stopping each disc randomly and resuming them when the right tiles are next to each other.

As soon as both sides of the inner disc match the one on the outside, immediately call your Axe back to make them spin. If markings on both discs light up, you have done it correctly. Use the same technique for the inner discs until the whole door is lit up.

Once the puzzle is solved, the door will come out and slide to one side allowing passage to you to the other side. Go through the door with Atreus. On the other side, you will end up in a tunnel. Navigate through the tunnel by jumping gaps and climbing ledges and cliffs. You will eventually come out and Kratos will ask Atreus to track and hunt down a boar after they find some tracks on the ground.

When Atreus jumps into the basin, you will encounter another Troll. This time it is Brenna Dauði who is a cave troll. Defeat the Cave Troll and other small enemies that spawn around in the area and continue on the path, which leads to yet another cave ahead. You can spot its entrance easily as there is a torch there. The tunnel will lead you to the boar that Atreus seeks. He will take aim and fire but the arrow will bounce off and the boar will run away.

Hunting the Boar

Now it is time to track the boar. Follow Atreus and you will end up in an abandoned village. Make your way through the abandoned camp and when you arrive at the last house in the camp, a Hel-Reaver will jump out and attack you.

Take it out with your fists and move on. Ahead you will find a fallen rock. Pick it up and Atreus will run through. When Kratos is across a cutscene will start where Atreus shoots the boar and it runs away injured. Atreus runs after it leaving Kratos behind.

As soon as Kratos starts running after Atreus, the area is filled with fog and you must navigate through the area to find Atreus. You will have to keep calling Atreus during this time for hints as to where he went. For ease, as you enter the maze take the right after the cleft and then the first left through the ravine. Jump over the log when it appears and turn right after it. Enter the tunnel marked by the torch and follow it until the end.

After you exit the tunnel, take a left turn and approach the log. Near the log, you will hear a woman’s voice. Jump across it and squeeze through the narrow passage to find Atreus with the boar and another woman bending down on the boar checking it. Help the witch with the boar by following what she says, then pick up the boar, and follow her to her house.

Witch’s House

Once you reach the Witch’s House, she will require some ingredients from her garden. She will first send Atreus out and then after warning Kratos of the local gods, she will send him to her garden as well to collect some white flowers. Go out the door, turn left and then again left to reach a small garden on the left side of the Witch’s house. Collect the white flowers in the middle where you will see three to four bunches of them.

Once you have the flowers go back and continue on to the right side of the house to find Atreus and give him his knife back so he can cut the red root. Once you have both the ingredients, return to the witch so that she can complete the healing ritual for the boar. Afterward, she thanks both Kratos and Atreus and gifts them two things. One is a mark which hides them from gods while the second is her compass which helps you find your next objective.

Lake of Nine

Enter the cave below her house, which will take Kratos and Atreus out of the forest safely, and you will come across some Nightmares. Kill them and get in the boat to continue towards the light. Keep rowing until you emerge out of the cave just below a giant statue of Thor. You will arrive at the Lake of Nine. Here the area will be very open and your only lead where to go will be a glowing statue in the distance. Set your direction to the glowing statue and keep rowing until you reach the statue. When you reach the statue, have Atreus read the ruins and then watch the cutscene where Kratos throws his Axe in the water. As soon as he does this, the World Serpent will appear and the water level will drop considerably around you.

Now you need to make your way towards Tyr’s Temple, which is located in the middle of the lake. It will be a large golden temple having a large bridge connecting it to the shore. Head towards the docking point marked with the white flag and dock the boat. Get off the boat and head straight up where you will meet Brok and his new shop here.

Here a small cutscene will play where Brok gives Kratos a blue glowing stone that will return Kratos to Brok from anywhere in the world. Once the cutscene is over, upgrade your gear and get out of the hall. Head towards the bridge and move towards the big door leading to the mountain. You will encounter some more Reavers. Take them out to continue to the door. Open the door to see the strange creature and continue on the path ahead.

Mountain Base

Defeat the two Reavers and continue ahead. Use your Axe to freeze the Scorn Poles along the way and continue heading along the path. You will have to freeze two one after another and then the third one when you drop down after going ahead a little. Here you will come across your worm looking creatures for the first time. Defeat them and then climb the wall right next to the Scorn Pole.

When you reach the top of the cliff, use the stairs to get to the big door and open it up. Ahead you will arrive in a big open area and meet Sindri, the other Dwarf who can upgrade your stuff. After the cutscene, move ahead in the opening to confront a large number of enemies. Here you will encounter some Shadow warriors so keep your distance. Once the area is clear, you need to head to the beaten path where you will arrive at a yellow marked cliff.

Climb the cliff and continue ahead to freeze yet another Scorn Pole. This time a Revenant will appear suddenly and run ahead. Call back you Leviathan and continue following the path, freezing Scorn Poles as you see fit. Eventually, you will arrive in a large open area where the Revenant will appear for a fight. Eliminate the Revenant and continue your climb.

You need to climb up to the area where you reach a big courtyard with some wolves and yet another Revenant. Clear the area of all enemies and go towards the big doors up ahead. As you open the doors, a giant Ogre will blast through. Fight with the Ogre to defeat it. He will get some support of Shadow Warriors but they will not be much of a problem. You can mount the Ogre after dealing a certain amount of damage to clear out the surrounding Shadow Warriors.

Once the fight with the Ogre is complete, continue up the path and head towards the bridge and the stairs leading inside the mountain. As you reach there, you will come across Black Breath which is blocking your path. At this point, the Witch will appear and tell you to travel to Alfheim to retrieve the light from there, which will help them continue on their path up ahead. At this point, the chapter will conclude.

This concludes our God of War Path to Mountain Walkthrough. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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