God of War Jötunheim in Reach Walkthrough

Our God of War Jötunheim in Reach Walkthrough Guide will guide you through the entire Jötunheim in Reach chapter of God of War in a step-by-step manner so that you can easily move on with the story.

There are only 3 more chapters to go before you are done with The Journey in God of War. In many ways, Jötunheim in Reach is the climax of the game. There is an epic fight with Baldur at the end, and you will need this God of War Jötunheim in Reach Walkthrough Guide to get through that.

This God of War Jötunheim in Reach Walkthrough Guide will tell you how to get through perhaps the last chapter of the game that has a lot of action. Everything will be told in a step-by-step manner to assist you through every part of the chapter.

We would like to mention here that this walkthrough would strictly focus on the main story progression. There are many collectibles, hidden chambers, and chests found in each chapter but we have different guides especially focusing on each of these collectibles and side missions. You can visit our site and check out all other guides related to God of War posted there.

God of War Jötunheim in Reach Walkthrough

Now that you have the Jötunheim Tower in its rightful place, you should be able to get to Jötunheim very easily using the Realm Room. However, as you might have guessed so far, there are going to be complications through every part of the game.

In this chapter of the game, you will be rowing up the river and trying to look for Mimir’s other eye. Let us go ahead and take a look at how to easily complete all of the objectives that are to be found in Jötunheim in Reach.

The Belly of the Beast

As soon as you move from the Lake of Nine, you will find yourself in the Belly of the Beast. Here, you need to make your way to the Realm Travel Room. Once you get there, your objectives will update and you will be required to Realm-Travel to Jötunheim.

Set the device to Jötunheim and press ‘X’. As soon as you do that, you will realize that the machine is not working, as there is not ravel crystal here. At this point, Mimir will tell you that Tyr was using his own special eyes to refract the energy that is required for traveling between the realms.

Atreus will realize that Mimir has eyes that are the same, and Mimir will mention that he only has one eye left because Odin took the other one and threw it away. At this point, you will realize that you need to talk to either Brok or Sindri to get more information on where to find Mimir’s other eye, as it could be anywhere in the world.

Make your way out of the Realm Travel Room and get to Brok’s shop. Here, you will be told that Thor’s statue in the lake was built with a secret hidden compartment and chances are that the second eye of Mimir can be found in there. After that, head over to the snake but upgrade as many skills and gear that you can.

Now, you have to exit the temple and head over to the bridge. When you are at the switch that is around halfway on it, use it to ride up and blow the horn using Mimir’s head to summon the serpent towards you.

Turn the switch once again to lower the platform and go downstairs towards the serpent. Get into the boat and head right into the mouth of the serpent. At first, the mouth will be dark but you will be able to row past it and get to a light source.

You will now need to find the second eye of Mimir. Dock the boat at the beach and loot the chest before going along the waterway once again. After that, dock at the pier and smash the wooden debris to reveal a yellow mark.

Now, look at the crane structure and throw your leviathan axe at the spinner mechanism repeatedly until you have rotated the stone tower towards the crane platform.

Once the tower is as close to the platform as it can be, toss your axe at the gearwheel that can be found beneath the spinner panel in order to freeze it in place.

Before you recall the Leviathan, climb the stone tower and get to the crane platform that you rotated to its place before. Then, recall Leviathan and climb the arch to open a Legendary Chest that has Mimir’s second eye.

Once you are done with finding the missing eye and placing it on Mimir’s head, you need to head back to the Realm Travel Room. To do that, go to the top of the crane structure and open the Cipher Chest to obtain a Nilfheim Language Cipher piece.

This is the last piece that you will need to complete this set. After you get this cipher, you will have the option to travel to the Realm of Fog from the Realm Travel Room.

Now, head on over to the top of the arch and get to the yellow marked spot on the ground. When you are there, press ‘Circle’ to sling your axe over the cable and directly ride it to your boat.

Get into your boat and start paddling it along the waterway. When you have made it around halfway up the gullet, there will be a disturbance in the water and the boat will begin to move around.

A cutscene will play towards the end of which the world serpent will be collapsing onto the hills above the Travelers and Freya will be looking for her son. Soon, Baldur will come ashore from the water and his final fight with Kratos will begin.

In order to learn how to defeat Baldur, refer to our God of War Bosses Guide that will give you ample tips and tricks about this particular boss. Defeating Baldur will end the chapter.

That is all we have for our God of War Jötunheim in Reach Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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