God Of War 5 Development Moving Forward At Santa Monica Studio

A recent job listing by Santa Monica Studio suggests that they are moving ahead with the development of God of War 5 amid the current crisis.

It looks like God of War 5 (New God of War) development is going full speed ahead over at Santa Monica Studio. A recent job listing by the God of War developer indicates the studio isn’t hindered by the current crisis.

Santa Monica Studio recently put out a job listing for a gameplay camera designer. The listing asks eligible candidates to join their “Award-winning God of War team”. Here is the official description for the job listing:

The Gameplay Camera Designer will collaborate closely with the Lead Gameplay Camera Designer, Cinematographer and the Combat and Level Design teams to implement the unique camera vision of our game. The primary focus of the role will be in-game, player-controlled cameras.

What this indicates is that Santa Monica Studio is moving ahead with God of War 5. Though the ongoing crisis has hampered many game development processes, looks like Santa Monica hasn’t wavered. Most game developers have adjusted to the current calamity in their own unique ways. The God of War developer doesn’t seem to be an exception.

Fans of the God of War franchise can rest assured as the long-awaited sequel to God of War (2018) is still alive and well. Though this isn’t the first time when Santa Monica Studio has hinted at the development of God of War 5.

A couple of job openings earlier this year by the studio did in fact point toward the development of the next God of War title.

However, these previous job openings didn’t specify anything God of War related. This time around though, the developer specifically asked applicants to be part of the God of War team. Previously, the narrative director for Santa Monica Studio even hinted at the ongoing development of God of War 5.

God of War (2018) left us at a cliffhanger when both Atreus and Kratos are confronted by the god of thunder, Thor. Fans cant wait to clash against Odin’s son in the upcoming installment. Though Santa Monica Studio has yet to officially announce the God of War sequel.

Let’s keep in mind that the sequel is still a ways off from hitting the shelves. Though a late 2021 release date for God of War 5 doesn’t seem unreasonable.