God of War 2 Hinted By Sony Santa Monica Narrative Director

Sony might have been silent about its upcoming exclusive projects, that doesn’t mean its teams are idle though. Apart from the imminent release o The Last of Us 2, there might be another huge release in the Horizon. God of War 2, anyone?

A few days ago, Sony Santa Monica narrative animator, Kim Newman posted a picture of her posing in a mocap suit on Twitter, hinting at an in-studio project. If that doesn’t scream God of War 2, then we don’t know what is. Although at this point there’s nothing to indicate that the game is in development, Sony has an excellent opportunity to invest in some high-quality first-party exclusives.

Recently, Metacritic released its users’ Top Games of the Decade, including 3 Playstation 4 exclusives: Bloodborne (6), The Last of Us (1) and, of course, God of War (8). Taking the leap to the next generation of consoles with Playstation 5, God of War 2 would be a system seller, to say the least.

Newman’s picture is the first hint that a sequel to God of War might be happening and it’s reasoning enough for fans to gear up the hype train. The animator didn’t give anything away in the comment section, pointing at a super-secretive project.

Even if God of War 2 is in development though, it most likely won’t be available at launch. Such a big release would require a big period of testing, even if the game was already in post-production. However, games like The Last of Us 2 and Final Fantasy 7 will keep us busy until the release happens.

If where the previous game left is is indication enough, God of War 2 will focus more on Atreus and his newly found abilities. Hints around the internet also point out the relationship between Kratos and Faye being a key theme, so we might be getting some flashback action too.

Whatever the case, we know for a fact that we sequel is coming sooner or later. If you haven’t already, you should play God of War or else you miss out on one of the best games this generation had to offer.

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