Sony Santa Monica Job Openings Hint At God Of War Sequel

Two new Sony Santa Monica job openings possibly connected to a God of War sequel have been posted on LinkedIn for a Technical Producer and Character Artist.

A pair of new Sony Santa Monica job openings might point to the future release of a God of War sequel, though nothing has been confirmed by the devs yet. The openings are asking for a Technical Producer and Senior Character Artist, both jobs that have to do with development.

While the studio hasn’t actually announced any sort of sequel for God of War yet, considering the game’s raving success and the very obvious hints of a sequel after you actually complete the game, it’s highly likely that Sony Santa Monica has already started work on it.

The Technical Producer will be required to help smooth out the process of development, managing production pipelines, development efforts, and ensuring good communication, all things that would definitely help a game to be able to be developed smoothly.

The Senior Character Artist is a more artistic job, obviously, and includes that applicants will communicate closely with other teams like Animation, Combat, and Tech. The fact that both openings also say “Join our award-winning God of War team” is also a point in the sequel’s favor.

Nothing in the Sony Santa Monica job openings actually outright says that it’s a God of War game, but with all the buzzwords that it has, including a combat art team, specifically advertising for the God of War team, and more points towards it.

However, we likely won’t get any new information about a second God of War until Sony Santa Monica is good and ready. While the original game was announced in 2016 and finally released in 2018, there’s no telling how far along Santa Monica is with it or where it will end up taking players.

If you think that you can hold down one of these two jobs, you can find the openings by following this link. In the meantime, all we can do is hope that a sequel actually is in the works right now.

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