Everything You Need To Know About God Of War 4 – Story, Characters, Blades Of Choas, Speculations, Trailer Breakdown, Graphics Comparison

With Sony Santa Monica conforming the release date for God Of War 4 the hype train has gained more momentum. However, here we will not be speculating.

God of War 4 is one of the best-reviewed games of this year and with the game launching with almost perfect scores from critics it has also become the highest-rated PS4 title in the process. However, here we will not be talking about how awesome the game is, instead, we will detail everything you need to know about the game.

God Of War 4 has officially launched for PlayStation 4 and given that there is so much information about the game on the internet, we have decided to compile everything you need t know about the God of War 4.

God Of War 4 – Everything You Need To Know

God Of War 4 was announced back at E3 2016 with an exciting gameplay trailer that showcased Kratos and his son Atreus trying to hunt a Deer but instead, they face some enemies. Fans of the God Of War along with the critics are happy with the change the studio has brought to the franchise.

Release Date and Platforms

God of War PS4 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and has officially launched worldwide on April 20, 2018. God Of War 4 harnesses every bit of PS4’s power making it another technical showcase for the console and looks even prettier on the upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro, however, the game struggles to maintain a 30 FPS lock at 4K mode.


The latest chapter in God Of War saga sees Kratos going on a journey with his Son Atreus to fulfill the final wish of Atreus ‘ dead mother. Along the way, Kratos not only have to keep his rage and anger in check but also protect his Son from seeing his true self.

This is the first time in the series where we see Kratos keeping himself under control and trying to be a good father to his son so that his son doesn’t repeat the same mistakes that he has made in the past i.e killing all Greek Gods.

This time around the series has moved on from the Greek mythology and has entered the era of Norse Gods which include Odin, Thor, and Loki. Will Kratos kill the Gods of this realm too? That is a question to which the answer will be revealed in the game.

Blades Of Chaos

Of all the trailers rolled out for the God Of War 4 one of the things that hardcore fans noticed were missing were the iconic “Blades Of Chaos”. While Sony Santa Monica didn’t reveal if we will be seeing these Blades in action but, “SPOILER ALERT” the Blades Of Chaos do make an appearance in the game.

Who Is Atreus

Kratos’ son, Atreus, plays an integral role in the God Of War 4 story. He will not only accompany Kratos on his journey but, will also help him in fights as we have seen in many trailers Atreus helping Kratos to take down enemies. Atreus is not an original character created for this game but, is a part of Greek Mythology. You can know everything about Atreus here.

Trailer Breakdown

God of War story trailer came out earlier and gave us a look at new characters, and the return of gigantic enemies. Breaking down the trailer will allow us to look more deeply and carefully into the world that awaits us.

God of War 4 aka God of War PS4 takes us to the Norse Mythology so many aspects and relevant characters appear in the footage we saw. The footage opens with Atreus lighting candles around his mother’s dead body. It is unclear if Kratos arrives after or before the death of Atreus’ mother.

Next, we see Atreus with a woman (speculated to be his aunt), and she asks him about the bow he’s using. It was revealed that the bow was crafted by Atreus’ mother for him, telling him that he’ll grow into it.

Kratos and his son are going on a journey to find the highest peak in the realms to bury the ashes of Atreus’ yet unnamed mother. As we head further into the trailer, we better understand what the relationship dynamics are between Kratos and his Son.

It seems they are both struggling to keep the rage at bay. The God of War and his son are both alike, there is a rage inside that can destroy gods which is something Atreus wants to do.

In one scene we can see that Atreus is angry with Kratos when the God of War tells him that there are “consequences to killing a god.” Atreus asks “how do you know?” It is clear that Kratos hasn’t told his son about his past. However, he sees the rage inside the boy and tries to control it, channel it toward better things.

But that backfires when Atreus falls ill, as seen in one scene. The reason seems to be shutting down his true self, locking the rage inside made him fall sick. This is going to a crucial part of the game and we expect Kratos to reveal the truth to Atreus at this moment.

We are introduced to Mimir, the smartest man alive! He calls himself a man but in reality, Mimir is the god of knowledge and wisdom in the Norse Mythology.

Mimir will guide Kratos and Atreus to the “highest peak in the realms.” But it seems there is a catch involved. He may send us on a little side quest which involves cutting his head off. Yes, he asks Kratos to cut his head off and later we see Kratos presenting that head to the world serpent who, by the way, is Loki’s offspring….Go figure!

Here’s a fun fact, according to the Norse Mythology, Mimir had his head cut-off in Vanir by Aesir.

Later in the trailer, we see Brok/Brokkr, who is a dwarf blacksmith. His appearance in the game suggests that Kratos will be able to upgrade his Axe by adding new abilities and moves.

The most interesting moment from the trailer is when Kratos’ bandages come loose. It is a clear sign of a conflict within him as he angrily tightens them back up. The bandages are covering the scars of his past when he used the chains of chaos to destroy Greek gods. It has already been confirmed that chains of chaos are in this game.

The rest of the trailer focuses on different types of enemies, all colorful and unique which is a trademark of God of War series.

You can also check out the graphics comparison between Reveal and Story trailer of God Of War 4. You will notice that the game has not been downgraded but Sony Santa Monica has made some artistic changes to the game.

That is everything you need to know about the God Of War 4 from its release date to interesting speculations. The game is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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