Report: God Of War 4K Mode On PS4 Pro Struggles To Maintain 30 FPS

Reviews for God Of War have started to pour in and one thing is for certain that game is another great addition to Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive titles.

Reviews for God Of War have started to pour in and one thing is for certain that the game is another great addition to Sony’s PlayStation 4 exclusive lineup, however, reportedly the game’s 4K mode on PS4 Pro is not up to par.

As reported by Polygon, while the 4K mode for God Of War on PS4 Pro does improves the image quality using checkerboard 4K rendering but, it fails to maintain a steady 30 FPS while in combat and exploration.

the increased resolution isn’t worth the frame rate trade-off. We tried the 4K mode during our review period, and found that the game sometimes failed to maintain its 30 fps target. The drops happened often enough — both in combat and in merely exploring the world — to make us want to switch to Performance mode.

Speaking of 4K mode on the console, Red Dead Redemption is also playable in 4K resolution on Xbox one X. The Red Dead Redemption Update size is around 582.73 MB and shall be granting Native 4K graphics. Which means that it will have 9x pixel count, which the original Xbox 360 version had.

While the game is a little over a week away from launch but, the game’s retail copy has already leaked so beware of the spoilers online. Also, this is nothing new as the street date for many high profile games have been broken in the past.

As for how much space the game will take up on your PS4 well, the game requires 44.6GB of HDD space on your PlayStation 4 and considering that many games demand over 50 GB and some going over 100 GB in file size, this is quite reasonable.

God Of War is a third-person action title developed by Sony Santa Monica and is scheduled to launch on April 20, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Polygon

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