God Of War 4 Reveal vs Story Trailer Graphics Comparison, Downgrade Or Artistic Changes? (Discussion)

Sony Santa Monica just recently dropped a new story trailer for the upcoming PS4 exclusive God Of War 4 and also confirmed the release date for the game. The trailer Itself is amazing, however, here we will be comparing the latest God Of War 4 trailer with its reveal trailer for 2016 and will discuss if this is a downgrade or just artistic changes.

To put things into perspective you check out the video below comparing God of War 4 reveal trailer and the latest story trailer side by side. In the trailer, many of you will notice that the reveal trailer and the latest trailer for God of War 4 look a bit different.

However, while many will consider it a downgrade but, if you look closely you will notice that it is not so much of a downgrade but more of some artistic changes to the overall game. Let’s compare!

Starting with the Kratos first-time faces enemies in the reveal trailer, you will notice that the reveal trailer has much more color to it compared to the final version. The same scene in the reveal trailer of God of War 4 has warm colors and it pops up more.

However, the same scene in the story trailer showcases volumetric lightning and in fact, has more mesh quality in the background compared to the reveal trailer. However, there is no reflection in the water puddle in the latest trailer as in the reveal trailer there are reflections. If you look at the enemy you will notice that it has been changed a lot.

Moving ahead we have the World Serpent from the E3 2017 trailer and from the latest story trailer. Again, it might seem like a downgrade. But, look closely are you will notice that the lighting is different and even the backdrop too. The serpent itself has more color to it compared to the previous one.

Next, we have a side-by-side comparison of Kratos himself and here we can there is a bit of a downgrade. However, both are from different scenes and there is a difference in lightning too. But, the overall character does seem to be downgraded.

Next Up is Atreus, Kratos’ son in the upcoming God Of War, and here the downgrade is obvious. The scar of Atreus’ clearly indicates that the character model for the kid has been changed/downgraded.

What do you think? Has the game been downgraded or these are just artistic changes? Let us know in the comments.

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