How To Get (& Use) A Gaol Key In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

If you get thrown in jail in Dragon's Dogma 2, you will need a Gaol Key to escape. Here is how to get and use one.

You might find yourself often locked in prisons in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and can’t find a way around it. This is where Gaol Keys come in. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will come across two sets of gaol keys, an unbreakable version and a one-time use only.

To obtain the unbreakable gaol key, you must accept Captain Brant’s quest, hold the key for him, and forge a duplicate before returning the original to him. On the other hand, one-time-use gaol keys are called makeshift gaol keys. You can easily find them hidden in your cell or by NPC vendors.

Let’s look at both keys and how to get and use them to escape from prisons/dungeons in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Gaol Key Location

To obtain the unbreakable and reusable gaol key, you must talk to Captain Brant during The Caged Magistrate questline in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can find him in The Stardrop Inn in the capital city of Vernworth.

Captain Brant will give you a gaol key to enter the Vernworth Castle Gaol Tower dungeon and meet Magistrate Waldhar. Once you meet the magistrate, head to Ibrahim’s Scrap Store at the Checkpoint Rest Town west of Vernworth.

Request Ibrahim to forge a duplicate key because once you complete the quest, you must return the key. It will cost you 5000 Gold, and the forgery will occur within 24 hours of in-game time. Make sure to wait and collect the key.

If you’re playing the game’s Deluxe edition, you will have the gaol key in the beginning. Make sure you don’t sell this key or lose it. In case you can’t find the forged key on you after taking it from the scrap store, check your pawns, sometimes they keep items for you.

How To Get A Makeshift Gaol Key

Makeshift gaol keys spawn frequently, but they can be used only once. On the northern side of Melve, right at the entrance, you will meet an NPC vendor, Dudley, with a camping bagpack.

Talk to Dudley; he will sell you the key for 3000 Gold. Remember, one Makeshift Key will unlock just one door, so duplicate this key from the scrap store and always have it on you. Also, break things when you are in jail, and you might find a key there, too.

Another way to acquire the Makeshift Key is to explore the Trembling Hollow cave in the northern region of Vernworth. You will encounter enemies at the cave’s entrance.

You will find a chest containing Makeshift Key there guarded by enemies.

How to Use Gaol Keys?

You can use the gaol keys to unlock dungeons and cell doors to enter and exit in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you’re using the Gaol Key, you need just one key to unlock all doors. But if you use the Makeshift Key, you will need one for each door.

Simply walk near the closed door, and you will be able to open it. Click on the open button and use the key.

Other Ways of Escaping the Gaol in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you don’t have the gaol keys, you can look for cracked walls in your cell and break through, literally. You will be in the sewers so you need to be aware of the giant rats. Since you won’t have any of your armor or weapons, so you can’t fight them. Dodge them, run, and get away.

Another way of getting out is by bribing the guard. This will cost you a ton, but if you have the gold, simply engage with the first guard crossing your prison and pay him to get you out.

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