Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 4 Hot Zone Walkthrough

Gears Tactics Hot Zone is a fun mission where you’ll be given an objective to collect 3 Equipment cases while...

Gears Tactics Hot Zone is a fun mission where you’ll be given an objective to collect 3 Equipment cases while making your way to the extraction point. In this Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 4 Hot Zone Walkthrough, you’ll find the ways to deal with the adversaries while completing your given objectives.

In between your journey towards the Extraction Point, you’ll face multiple waves of adversaries that we will go over in this Hot Zone walkthrough.

Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 4 Hot Zone

After completing the Finders Keepers mission, you will get to take on Hot Zone. Before jumping on to the gameplay, let’s discuss the objectives.

The initial Objective you’ll receive will be the collection of 3 Equipment cases.

Once that’s done, an optional objective is given where you have to collect two additional equipment cases. As mentioned, it’s optional and totally up to you to collect them.

Progressing into the game, you’ll receive an objective to Regroup at the Extraction Point while making sure that Gabe and Sid survive.

Now, let’s talk about Act 3 Chapter 4 Hot Zone mission walkthrough. The area you’ll start at is a zone with few pathways surrounded by bunkers and crates.

These crates and bunkers allow you to take cover when an adversary is dropped down.

Once a wave of adversaries is dropped, the area where they land is covered in red. Meaning you’ll have to change your location once that happens to stay out of harm’s way.

Once you’re near an adversary, you can use Execution to finish them.

Execution are gory finishing moves and you can only use them when an adversary is on its knees.

After clearing out the first wave of adversaries, make your way closer to the Extraction Point and wait for the arrival of few more waves.

After more adversaries are dropped, try to set up Proximity mines so they can detonate anyone in its radius after being planted on the ground.

Keep killing and collecting the cases. As soon as the third wave is dropped, make sure to use Overwatch.

Overwatch is a move where your character creates a cone-shaped overlay ahead of him and anyone coming into it will get shot.

Keep in mind that your opponents also use this feature and can kill you with your own move.

So, to avoid that, you can use grenades and explosives as they deactivate the opponents Overwatch.

Note: For an accurate shot, your overwatch must be small.

The more you progress, the more adversaries will be dropped. Keep taking them out with grenades, gunshots, overwatch, and make your way towards the Extraction Point.

Once the Extraction Point is open, regroup your characters on it and you’ll escape the area, thus ending Act3 Chapter 4 Hot Zone.

You can now proceed to the next mission, The Outsider, to rescue some prisoners.

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