Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 5 The Outsider Walkthrough

If you are having trouble clearing Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 5: The Outsider mission, then you’re in luck because we have written a complete guide to help

If you are having trouble clearing Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 5: The Outsider mission, then you’re in luck because we have written a complete guide for this section to help you out

Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 5 The Outsider

The primary objective of the mission is to rescue the prisoners from torture pods and keep in mind that all units must survive and optionally 5 enemies must be killed by the rescued units. You have 15 turns to do it.

The mission starts when Gabe and Sid reach the location using the vehicle.

Enter the building from the right side and retrieve the Epic Case and set an overwatch to shoot any target that enters it with your invested AP.

Take cover and move forward and just move Sid in front of the stairs.

Then move him to the side of the building and throw frag grenade on the roof, in the middle of enemies so that they are all hit by it. Take cover immediately after hitting them just close to the ladder.

Move Gabe onto the stairs and set overwatch to kill any incoming Locust.

Locust Enemies may set overwatch so quickly use the ladder and go to the roof and rescue prisoners from the torture pods. The rescued unit Reyna will be level 6 scout and ready to fight

Take out enemies using your elevated position to get some accurate shots.

Also, send one unit down from the roof move while taking cover and setting overwatch to target incoming enemies.

Heal units that need it and provide backup from the roof.

Use the recused prisoner for killing enemies since you have to kill the 5 enemies with rescued prisoners.

Take cover use tactical communication and hit the enemies until the battlefield is cleared of locust.

After that move forward to retrieve the Epic case for The Outsider mission from behind the barracks.

Set overwatch move and keep your units close. You have to play it as a team. Take cover and provide backup to frontline units.

Interrupt the enemies overwatch and shoot them. Use tactical communication for not wasting your bullets in missed hits.

Also, watch out for your remaining turns and keep killing enemies using the rescued units for that optional objective.

Steadily move forward using cover and kill the enemies guarding the torture pod.

After the battlefield is cleared rescue the second prisoner from the torture pod. Another level 6 unit.

Now you have to regroup at the extraction point, so move one by one towards the extraction point and watch out for the enemies.

Don’t forget to set overwatch because the locust will drop more enemies at the extraction point.

Move forward throw frag grenades at the enemies and set overwatch. Throw more grenades and move close to the extraction point.

At that point, all of you should be close to each other so you all can enter the extraction point quickly.

Set overwatch move forward and kill all the enemies in your way.

When the battlefield is cleared move all soldiers towards the extraction point quickly before the enemy attacks you again. You will be extracted by the vehicle from there.

After you have done all this your this mission will be completed. This is all from the walkthrough of Gears Tactics The Outsider mission.

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