Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 3 Finders Keepers Walkthrough

In this Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 3 Finders Keepers walkthrough, we have discussed what you should expect from the mission and enemies

For the 3rd Act Chapter of Finders Keepers in Gears Tactics, you will be retrieving a grenade case. In this Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 3 Finders Keepers walkthrough, we have discussed what you should expect from the mission and an effective method to deal with every enemy encounter.

With a total of three encounters, you will be facing quite a tough composition of enemies for the duration of Finders Keepers mission in Gears Tactics.

Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 3 Finders Keepers

After retrieving the chemicals in the Biohazard mission, your next task is to retrieve the grenade case and defend against a number of waves of Locust in Act 3 Chapter 3.

The First Wave
As soon as you start the mission “Finders Keepers”, you will notice 5 sneaky Tickers and a Hammerburst Drone idling by immediately to your left.

Use the cover around the area and set your sights in their direction and wait for them to move into your trap.

There is a lot cover around the area, so make sure you always utilize it and never get caught off-guard by any of the firepower from the Hammerburst Drones.

Watch your flanks for the Tickers as they can get behind you pretty easily if you leave either the bottom or top unguarded.

The Second Wave
Once you use the gate controls in Act 3 Chapter 3, you will be tasked with defeating the enemy guards located in the vicinity.

This wave is especially hard due to the Zealot entering the fight. Stay in cover, and try to use your party’s sniper to take out the enemy sniper in the front lines.

Maintain an overwatch on the enemies to prevent the Tickers from getting too close.

Slowly but steadily, move towards Locust; the more angles you have on your enemy, the better.

During all of this, make sure to not get too close to the Zealot as it will annihilate you in close-range combat.

After retrieving the grenade cases, it’s time to head out for extraction and finish the Finders Keepers mission.

The Third Wave
The final wave hits just before extraction and will be just past the area you retrieved your grenade cases from.

Hammerburst Drones and Grenadiers will attempt to jump you; it would be better if you keep the stairs and the entry point by the ladder covered. Set up overwatch to take them out as they come.

The good thing about facing off against this wave is that you have a huge advantage due to having two choke points to funnel your enemies into.

Use frag grenades, and keep your Gears positioned nearby to simply take them out.

Once the enemy horde starts to thin out, start pushing up the stairs towards the extraction point. And that should be it for the Act 3 Chapter 3 Finders Keepers mission.

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