FromSoftware Official Website is Showing “Armored Core” as Its Description on Google

Back in 2016, Hidetaka Miyazaki told that they have three games in the works and one of them is Armored Core. Since then we have received Dark Souls 3, Sekiro and Elden Ring but the game developer hasn’t shared anything officially related to Armored Core with fans so far. Unofficially however, we have heard about a new Armored Core game through different sources multiple times now.

Now, in a recent interview with 4Gamer, the FromSoftware Game Director told that there are multiple projects in the works at FromSoftware and one of them is in the final stages of development. However, this time, he didn’t tell that whether Armored Core is the game that is in final stages of development.

Regardless, this lead fans to believe that he must be talking about Armored Core. Now, fans have found another interesting bit that could indicate the reveal of a new Armored Core game soon. If you go to Google and type “FromSoftware”, you will see the official website of the developer. However, if you look at its description, it says “armored core”. Usually, after website title in google, there comes the most prominent pages of the website however, for FromSoftware, it’s just showing Armored Core.

Clicking that Armored Core link in google leads us to the western version of the website as a redirect. So it seems like that they might want to direct it to another page in the near future. Keep this in mind that all of this is speculative for the time being and it could also eventually turn out to be nothing. But for now, this has Armored Core fans excited and they are hoping for an announcement soon.

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