Fortnite Players Set a Guinness World Record With Enormous Emote Routine

Fortnite players have set a new Guinness World Record at Paris Game Week for the most participants in a video game emote routine.

Fortnite has turned into a global phenomenon and it has now made its debut into the Guinness World Records by having the most number of participants in a video game emote routine. This Guinness World Record was made at Paris Games Week where nearly around 400 Fortnite players gathered to perform different emotes from the game.

Epic Games brought Fortnite to Paris Game Week with an enormous group dressed up as the Cuddle Team Leader outfit to perform this massive emote routine. Epic Games Tweeted this achievement with a short video to show us how it was done. Cuddle Team Leaders consisted a total of 383 members according to Epic Games.

This is just another achievement by Epic Games and for Fortnite players.

Fortnite emotes do sell like hotcakes but surprisingly the original creators of them are not being rewarded.

Chance The Rapper was the first one to talk about it and he advised Epic to at least put their original songs behind them as these emotes make so much money. There’s no response yet from Epic on it yet but we still hope that they introduce a partnership program to credit the original creators behind these emotes.

Well according to the latest news, Hasbro owned toy company “Nerf” known for high-quality toy guns is now teaming up with Epic Games to bring us Fortnite-themed NERF blasters. Nerf teased it through an Instagram post so soon you will be able to have a toy gun from Fornite in your own hands.

Remember that mysterious cube over the Loot Lake? It’s now spawning zombie type creatures called Cube Monsters. These Cube Monsters are brutal and will now attack you once they spot you. But don’t worry, they do come with some rewards so shooting them down is a good choice.

There are two types of these creatures called Fiends and Brutes. It’s the first time Epic has brought non-human characters in the battle royale mode. Though there’s some bad news as “Save The World Mode” is not going to come till 2019.

Fortnite cross-play has been enabled by Sony and now you can play it with your friends over Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

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