Epic and NERF Partner to Create NERF Blasters for Fortnite

Hasbro owned toy brand, NERF has teased their classic NERF blasters for Fortnite in a team-up with Epic Games,developers of the adored battle royale game.

NERF is ready to bring battle royale experience to your home in an association with Epic Games. NERF has a reputation for making blaster toy guns of the highest quality. Hasbro owned toy company is now ready to bring us Fortnite-themed NERF blasters.

Although a clear announcement wasn’t made NERF confirmed that it is happening indeed. An Instagram post from the toy company teased a Fortnite and NERF crossover. This post hints that NERF is working on blasters for Fortnite as it is the only connection between them.

This news is pretty exciting for the lovers of toy guns as well as Fornite users. Players will be seeing their video games come to life with these blaster guns. We did not get an official date for it yet but it will come out sometime in Spring 2019.

NERF did not let much information out about Fornite blasters right now. The reason behind that could be due to not having chosen which Fornite weapons they’ll be making. As soon as they choose the guns we could get some graphical images for the design of blaster guns.

Moreover, this opens up possibilities for Epic Games to make extensive Fortnite merchandise. In the future, we could get to see a wide range of Fortnite action figures too. Parent company of NERF, Hasbro remains quite active in that department as well.

Hasbro keeps up with trends of the market as they made notable Avengers action figures not a while back too. They followed another famous franchise by making Star Wars figures for Battlefront 2. Their most recent effort in the industry was acquiring Power Rangers.

Furthermore, Fortnite also saw a new addition to the game only recently. Meanwhile, Epic Games even decided not to make Save The World for free this year. But fans are more concerned about Fortnite NERF blasters to come out as soon as possible.

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