Where to Grow Fodder in Rune Factory 5

Unlike the previous games, Rune Factory 5 makes it relatively easy to grow fodder. The following guide will help players become actual farmers to grow a healthy supply of fodder and explain the locations where they can grow fodder in Rune Factory 5.

Where to Grow Fodder in Rune Factory 5

In order to grow fodder in RF5, you just need to buy seeds from the market. Each seed will cost about 30G and it will take around four days to grow them into fodder.

The seeds can be purchased from the Serendipity General Store but will not be available until you have cleared Ryker’s Build a Monster Barn request. You will need to clear the Whispering Woods in order to unlock Ryker’s request.

As soon as the fodder is ready to harvest, there will be an arrow, colored in Gold, pointing right towards it.

This will indicate that the fodder is ready to be used. You need to visit forage and press the A button to harvest the product.

Note that you can save a lot of time by just walking up to the bin and pressing A to throw all the fodder in your inventory. That will be far more efficient than throwing in each pile of fodder one at a time.

Why Do You Need Fodder?

You need fodder to feed your monsters. Once you start keeping more monsters on your farm, your requirement for fodder will increase exponentially.

It will hence become important for you to farm a healthy supply of fodder to keep your monsters fed. In return, they will help you in various ways like doing chores, watering plants, and even planting seeds.

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