Fire Emblem Engage Strength Training Guide

Focusing on training should be the first line of action to win any battle, whether it is mental or physical. In Fire Emblem Engage, Somniel is the place that has a separate space for Strength Training.

Training Yard is one of the places where you can hang out after the battle. This will be the perfect to sharpen your skills before the next battle and the right buffs.

There are minigames for different exercises that have rhythm-based mechanics and require feedback in the form of buttons to complete. Read this guide to learn all about Strength Training in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to unlock the Training Yard

In Fire Emblem Engage, Training Yard is the place where you can do strength training to increase the stats before the battle. Training Yard is not available to access for the players from the start and to access it, you need to first unlock the Alfred character.

How to do Strength Training in Training Yard

After unlocking, locate and access the Training Yard in Somniel from the map. It is right beside Smithy.  

There is a total of three mini-games that the players can access for different strength training. To complete this strength training, you must do 20 reps total each and have the option to select from 4 difficulty levels.

Obviously, the higher difficulty opted for Strength Training will have more stats boost for the battle. If you are having difficulties completing this training, use the help of Sommie pet who will slow down the progress bar and negative misses.


As soon as the Push-Ups exercise is started, the progress bar will appear with an indicator that bounces on either side.

On one side of the bar, there is a yellow section and when the indicator reaches there, press the A button until it bounces to the other side. This will complete one rep. Do this 20 times for all three difficulties.

After completing Push-Ups, Alear will experience increased Strength for the next battle.


Similar to the pushups, you have the same progress bar for Sit-Ups. This time it has a Red Section on one side, and you don’t want the progress bar to drop in that section.

Press the A button until the progress bar hits the top section and repeat the process when it drops down right above the red section.

After completing Sit-Ups, Alear will experience increased HP for the next battle.


After starting this exercise, you will receive instructions on the screen that will tell you the movements for both joysticks. After successfully corresponding to the instructions, one rep will be finished.

Repeat the process until the exercise is complete. Finishing Squat Training will increase the Dexterity of the Alear.

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