How To Increase Friendship With Sommie In Fire Emblem Engage 

In Fire Emblem Engage, Sommie is one of the many creatures you can befriend. Almost all pets help you in one way or another, so making a lot of pets is important for progressing through the game.  

Sommie is a small cat/dog-like creature with many magical powers which can be found at the Somniel, in the Grotto. It can be a great way to earn Bond Fragments which will be useful in making Bond rings and using them in battle.  

Here is how you can increase your friendship with Sommie and how it can help you in the game. 

How to max friendship with Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage

Sommie is a simple creature and thus the friendship with it can be easily increased in three simple ways. Each will provide you with Bond fragments which are very useful in battles.

Keep in mind that friendship doesn’t affect the number of Bond fragments. The friendship levels may go down over time unless you visit Sommie every now and then and increase it. 

Feed Sommie 

The easiest way you can increase your friendship with Sommie is by giving it food. Sommie loves certain foods over others. As you may expect, giving it food it likes will increase friendship levels and vice versa.

Here is the best food for Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage as well as the food it hates.

Food Sommie loves: Apples, Beans, Cabbage, Rare Fish, Fruits and Vegetables, Grapes, Minced Fish, Oranges, Peaches, Pork, and Sardines. 

Food Sommie Hates: Chicken, Eggs, Nuts, Onions, Salmon, and Spices. 

When you feed Sommie, you will get 100 Bond Fragments. You will only get them the first time you feed it. After that, only your friendship bar will increase. 

Pet Sommie 

Another way to increase Sommie’s Friendship meter is by petting it. You may do so after you have fed it and you will get 100 Bond Fragments in return.

The friendship bar will also increase as a result and you may continue to pet Sommie to increase it. You will not need to use more food afterward and you may just pet it normally.  

Dress up Sommie 

The last way you can increase your friendship meter with Sommie is by dressing it up. There are a number of accessories for Sommie to wear.

This method gives you fewer friendship points and requires you to go to the cave where Sommie lives. It still is a way of increasing your friendship while also ensuring Sommie looks snazzy.  

Even if you don’t want to change to the outfit of Sommie, you can cycle through the clothes and this too gives you some Friendship points. 

Fire Emblem Engage Sommie friendship rewards

Once the friendship bar is full, Sommie will become your friend and offer some unique benefits. 

Strength training is a way to ensure that your character is in tip-top shape, but this training is not as easy as it seems to be. You need to get the timing right on your hits. If you are unable to do so, then you will fail the exercise, and your training will be over. Sommie helps you avoid this by converting some of your bad-timed hits with correctly-timed hits and saving the exercise. 

The other way Sommie helps is by fishing. Normally when you fish, you will have a difficult time, especially against bigger fish that can break your line. Sommie helps in this regard by decreasing the fish’s health bar, making it easy to catch. It also helps in catching more difficult and tricky fish easily. 

Sommie also helps in Wyvern Riding by helping to eliminate some of the targets for you. With this, you can earn a higher score than otherwise. 

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